Players Complaint: Archlord II(KR) Is As Few Players As a Console Game

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Archlord II from WEBZEN was anticipated by many Archlord fans, but it seemed that it did not meet players' anticipation so much. Although it has entered the open beta in Korea, it merged the servers and left only two servers within a month after open beta due to the heavy player loss. After that, a few players complained that there were too few players to team up and the waiting time for battlefield was too long.

Archlord II - 40 Level Group PvP Gameplay

Recently, this game updated a new PvP battlefield, hoping to inject a cardiotonic. However, this update caused a new wave of players' complaint out of expectation. The inappropriate rule of competing for this battlefield will lead internal conflict in faction. Then, only one player will win the grand prize so that countless players felt unreasonable. Meanwhile, several players expressed that the publisher never heard players' voice and used to ignore players' suggestion on the official forum so that many bugs could not be solved. Hope WEBZEN would take some actions to stop Archlord II players leaving.

Archlord II

Archlord II


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