DOTA Heroes: Card Game for Mobile Featuring Ganking?

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DOTA Heroes

Have you ever thought about combining card game with 'ganking', an elements of DOTA? I've never, but now I have to 'admire' the 'innovation' of a Chinese mobile games company who is going to do this.

刀塔英雄(DOTA Heroes) is an upcoming iOS mobile game featuring card-battling, 'ganking', and the overall style of graphics looks a little similar with Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft revealed by Blizzard at the latest PAX East. I've searched some screenshots of this game, through which I found that the characters of DOTA Heroes are almost the same with DOTA and DOTA 2.

DOTA 2 Lina

I also have some doubts with this game:

1. As we all know,

Ganking is used to gain an overall experience and gold advantage. Successful ganks can significantly slow down an enemy carry's farm, help a teammate recover a difficult lane, and provide a time window to push down a tower or to kill Roshan. To gain an early advantage, active ganking and pushing are essentially mandatory. Additionally, ganking is often the easiest way to kill heroes when the other team has a large advantage in the late game.

Ganking also serves as a counter to enemies trying to push because they must move deep into your territory, where they are often isolated and have little vision. After the enemy pushers are ganked, your team can execute a counterpush to negate the advantage the other team was trying to gain. (via DOTA 2 Wiki)

How would a mobile game merge both elements of card game and ganking together? Is that necessary to 'gank' while playing a card game? I'm very curious.

2. I'm not sure whether you know about the game My Name is MT, but it's really a very popular TCG for mobile based on WoW. Is DOTA Heroes only a clone of My Name is MT or will DOTA Heroes exceed MT? This is another reason why I'm looking forward to try this game as soon as possible.

3. Except of 'ganking' and card-battling, will more fun gameplay be added?

According to some reports, DOTA Heroes is scheduled to start close beta test from May 8th, I'll keep watching.


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