Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Will be Released

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Duke Nukem: Manhattan

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is a 3D action game. With the cooperation of the 3D engine and photographic lenses, players control Duke Nukem to move, jump, attack and so on. The scene is very hot.

Duke Nukem: Manhattan

In the game, Duke Nukem will make a living in New York which is occupied by evolveds. He should kill all evolveds in 9 scenes. These stages are hugeness, and have many terrain changes. There are a lot of hidden places waiting for players to explore. Moreover, cooperating with rocket boosters, time bombs and other equipments, Duke Nukem can do anything, even grasp the rope ladder which is dropped by the helicopter, and perform stunts in the sky.

Nowadays, 'Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project' has been translated to mobile game, and will be launched on iOS on January 9.


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