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Tower of Ascension

The interface of 'Tower of ascension' is very succinct. Actually, everything has been displayed on the screen. Then, I'll tell you details.


After a series of guidance, players will enter the main scene of the game – adventure camp. In here, you can accept various quests, buy weapons from the class weaponsmith, manage monster cards, register guild, buy or sell stuffs in the auction house and store things in the bank. All of above have corresponding NPCs. And you can find their icon on the minimap. It's very convenient for you to find NPC in the map.

Tower of Ascension


The excalmatory mark on the mini map means there is a quest available. The question mark means you can complete quest there.

The quests of the game are rather simple. Most of them are guide you to know NPCs or kill a certain number of monsters. But the rewards are rich. In addition, you can check your running quest by clicking helmet icon.

Tower of Ascension


If you want to talk with someone, you just click the frame in lower left corner of the interface. Then, the chat window will pop up. There are 5 chat displays: All (you can see all chats), Normal (talk with other players), Party (communicate with teammates), System (the official announcement), Whisper (private chat with someone). But, players can only select normal, party and whisper to communicate with other players. After selecting conversation, you just tap input Window and then start typing message.

Tower of Ascension

In addition, if you want to trade with someone or team up with other players, you just tap the character of other players and then choose what you need.

Tower of Ascension


The game has six kinds of dungeons. Include Forest, Desert, Sea, Ice Fire and Pit. Each of them has three modes: Normal, Under Seal Dimension and Twisting Dimension. Normal has many regular stages, and you must break all stages under the Normal, then unlock next dungeon. The order is starting from Forest. Under Seal Dimension is challenge mode, you can seal crack of time to break stage. This mode may make a lot of trouble for you, but the rewards are rich. Twisting Dimension mode has not opened, we have to wait for the official update.
Anyway, the dungeons are places where are closely related with you. You can solve quest there, collect items, equipment and so on. Sometimes you must team up with someone to make expeditions.

Tower of Ascension

Above is the basic interface. Moreover, you can open menu display, select the place where you want to go. Then, the character will get there automatically.

Tower of Ascension

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