A New Beginning - The Year of 2013 for Monster Hunter Online

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The year of 2013 was a new beginning for Monster Hunter Online, the initial public, the first beta test, and the first large-scale exhibition, which may leave an indelible mark in the future, let's just look back on it.


A New beginning

On April 18, 2013 , a next-generation hunting action MMO, co-produced by CAPCOM and Tencent Games, made it's first appearance with the title -"Monster Hunter Online". Unlike the Monster Hunter Frontier Online, or all other games of Monster Hunter series, which were solely developed and launched by CAPCOM. Monster Hunter Online is a real sense of high definition game developed by Cry Engine 3.

CGI trailer of Monster Hunter Online


At the public release, we could see that Monster Hunter Online inherited the basic system of the features of the other Monster Hunter games, including the realistic graphics, hardcore oriented combat system, mission mode , and the various boss monsters. There where no new highlight except the graphics, but that's more enough. As Monster Hunter fans, how many years had we been dreaming of a Monster Hunter game in true HD from CAPCOM? The Cry Engine 3 is making this into reality. If you still having seen how Monter Hunter looks in HD, you should check these:


It was announced that Monster Hunter Online would be launched by Tencent Games in China, it's also the first time for Monster Hunter to come into the Chinese market, but there were still lots of Chinese players that played Japnaese and English versions of Monster Hunter.




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