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WPC Dota 2 Champion DK Interview: Ice3 Special Thank to Hao and Song of MMY





DK are drafting, Photo by Jason Xu
Congratulations to DK for winning the Champion of the first WPC-ACE Dota 2 League. You guys have a very hard day after finishing this bo7 game. Now our several media take an interview with you together. First of all, tell us the feelings of winning WPC-ACE grand final.

Mushi: I am so happy. It’s a feeling of turning the table. It’s unexpected that IG took a 3:0 lead in this series, but we didn’t give up, then adjusted ourselves and finally we made it. Thanks to everyone for your support.

Iceiceice: Actually, I thought 0:3 against IG yesterday, and I felt more fun after we got 0:3. Actually I want to win bigger tournaments. It’s not a big deal.

LaNm: Great!! My teammates are awesome.

BurNing: I think the most important part is how we made it. From 0:1 to 0:3, we all have mentality issues more or less. With our adjustments, friends’ encouragement and coach’s advice, we made it. I feel it’s a treasure for us especially when we meet hard time in following matches.

MMY: We just made a miracle. Thanks to all my teammates and people who watched our games.

DK are holding meeting, Photo by Jason Xu

Okay next question is for B-God: after DK got a 0:3, there is a miraculous break. After that break, DK seems refreshed and both of draft and execution became different. Did 71 hold a mysterious meeting during this break?

BurNing: it’s a long break - about 2 hours. We adjusted our strategies. During the break time I can’t figure out what I am playing and what heroes I can play. So I feel a bit lucky and it’s all team’s effort.

Nest question for ice3: You said you're a MMY's fan. Why?

iceiceice: He does nothing except for eating, sleeping and playing. He is so pro.

What is your girlfriend's role in your Dota 2 career?

Iceiceice: She is very helpful to me. I used to be nervous, but I can play without any pressure now.

According to DK's performance today, DK coach 71(former Ehome's manage) takes an important role. LaNm, could you give a comment to 71 in your personal perspective? I believe you have known him for a long time.

LaNm: Not only today, but after MLG, he gave us many advices not only on mentality but game strategies as well. Many things he tells us are based on professional competitive sports. It’s very helpful.

With new coach, does DK aim at TI4 Champion now?

LaNm: of course.

After MLG, you posted a Weibo that "Champion is not my fate". However now you break the curse. What do you want to explain to your fans, BurNing?

BurNing: those are angry words. Although I eat my words today, I feel pleasure.

From perspective of audiences, DK have a significant difference in game strategies between first three games and following games. Mushi, could you tell us the reason of failure of first three games?

Mushi: Not awake yet. ( Iceiceice: We usually begin to train at 2:30PM.) However, I still want to say it is a huge failure for a professional player to lose first three games in a bo7 series.

If there is not a game break, do you think DK have a shot of Champion?

Mushi: I think so. We won’t give up.
Iceiceice: we should thank Hao. He want to go back to get identity card. Thank you very much Hao.

Okay,then I want to ask duck-god (MMY=fuzzy duck)several questions: Some time ago, one of your female fans Krokodil made two songs for you. Have you heard these two songs? Do you have any feelings or words want to tell her?

Iceiceice: He listens every day and sings in washroom.
MMY: Her voice is so amazing.

Video by 西瓦幽鬼; Song by Krokodil

Original song by 少司命/Tache竹桑; Cover version by Krokodil

Before I left for Shanghai, she let me ask you a question: Do you have any admiring girls or boys? (laughing)

MMY: I don’t know how to answer. What a question!


Source: SCNTV Weibo










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