Black Desert Second Closed Beta Preview: New Town, Monsters, & More

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black desert

New Monster: the Dinosaur

The second closed beta of Black Desert Korea is scheduled in early 2014. With the beta drawing near, more new features has been revealed by the developer Pearl Abyss.

A new fishing town called "Eferia" in Calpheon was unveiled through a new GM's diary posted on Black Desert's official website (in Korean). Players are able to fish in the sea anytime as this town is also close to the sea.

Apart from the new town in Calpheon, three kinds of new monsters are also going to be introduced in the second closed beta of Black Desert Korea. Check out the following screenshots to see more new features.

Black Desert

The fish from the new town Eferia is two to three times the size of a character.

Black Desert

Overview of the new town

Black Desert

Black Desert


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