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World of Warcraft Legion Interview: What Illidan Is Up for&Demon Hunter Details





The announcement of Wolrd of Warcraft’s 6th expansion Legion brings back iconic villain Illidan, who seems to be revived by Gul’dan according to the Gamescom cenematic teaser. How does that happen and what excactly Illidan is up for in this expansion? We interviewed J. Allen Brack, Executive Producer and asked details of the story as well as new class Demon Hunter.

Is Illidan your enemy or ally, or both?

In Warlord of Draenor players manage to destroy the Dark Portal. Gul’dan travels to the present Azeroth and finds Illidan. Illidan has been killed in The Burning Legion and this doesn’t change in Legion. However, Illidan in The Burning Legion is more of a demon than a night elf. Demon is a very different form of being in WoW universe, and therefore, unlike normal life, Illidan can come back to life in certain way. You will learn how this happen in Legion.
We were told that we’ll see whether Illidan was an enemy or an ally as the story moved on. One thing is certain, according to Brack, that Illidan remembers he’s defeated by players in the Black Temple and he’s not forgiving them. As for whether we will face off against the villains in The Burning Legion, such as Sargeras,Brack said he couldn’t say anything at the moment. He did tease that Sylvanas will be an important character in Legion.
Emerald Dream remains a raid for now

Emerald Dream is a vastspirit world that co-exists with the physical world. Many players ask to make Emerald Dreama campaign world even an expansion. Brack said in the future, they might do that like allowing players to explore and do quests in that world.
Demon Hunter could be available in more races; Demon Hunter doesn’t start at level 1

Currently only Night Elf and Blood Elf can play as Demon Hunter but more races could play this class in the future. Besides, Demon Hunter doesn’t start at level 1 but which level to start with is still to be decided.

Whether it’s a tank or DPS, Demon Hunter will be highly agile and mobile. Brack said Demon Hunter is for players who like moving fast and dealing large amount of damage. As for tank, Demon Hunter can absorb damage and has an ability to transfer the damge he/she deals to health. In PvP Demon Hunter takes advantage of the agility. Of course the opponents have the ability to deal with it.
In the videos and images released in Gamesom, Demon Hunter wields the Twin Blades. Brack said it wasn’t the same to the legendary Twin Blades. All weapons are qualified for transmog and there will be more possibilities in the Legion expansion.
Other details
With double jump, Demon Hunter can reach many spots the other classes can’t.
Class Order is unlocked through collecting legendary items. It’s to be decided whether Alliance and Horde will have different Class Order.
Players can unlock flying in WoD by completing certain quests. Whether this mechanism will be carried to Legion is still in discussion.






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