10 Reasons Why You Quit MMOs

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If you are deeply involved in a MMO, it may be very hard for you to say good to it since that MMO has become one real part of your life. Even if you have thousands of reasons to persuade yourself to quit, you would still not want to do that. But sometimes, things that keep you moving on may turn out to be what make you quit. Sometimes, you just need one reason to quit a MMO.

I spent 2 months to persuade myself to quit. What about you? What was the one reason that makes you quit the MMO you have played? Was it any of the following ten most common reasons?

1. Friends Quit

Every time you logged into game, you saw grey names on the friend list. How would you feel? When you could not even remember when the last time your friends logged in was, you might think of quit too. "Why should I still play this game? It is just data and not real." But you would still feel very sad and lonely because the thing you called data was your real and good memory. Life goes on. You may meet old friends and find new companions in another game.

2. Account Being Hacked

I had gorgeous mounts, epic weapons and powerful pets, but I could do nothing to stop a hacker from taking them away from my account or destroying them if items could not be transferred. All my painstaking effort was gone. The hacker left 1 or 5 gold for me to start over, which just made me more angry instead and sad too. Finally I quit the game because I was too disappointed and negative to start over with the risk of probably being hacked again.

3. Servers Being Shut Down

I used to play one less popular MMO. Everything in that MMO was perfect for me. I was involved in that game for a period of time. But it was sad that the login button became grey forever after a maintenance. The servers were all closed permanently. The gameplay was really good, but the publisher said no when they were asked to reopen the servers. I had no choice but to quit sadly and angrily. If I were you, I would choose a MMO which has a publisher who at least allows you to say goodbye before servers are shut down.


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