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Recently, 2P has an opportunity to sit down with Fedeen Games to talk about theirmobile action RPG Forsaken World Mobile, which will be released on July 23. The dev team said the mobile game will inherit the core quality of the PC version, include the graphic. Players will experience various real-time PvE and PvP contents in the game, such as 10v10 PvP battles. Besides, there are wings, mounts and more for players. Now, check out the details in below.

Forsaken World Mobile

Q: Is there any difference between Forsaken World Mobile and the PC version in terms of gameplay content?

A: While FWM is a brand-new game set in the Forsaken World universe, the general MMO gameplay traditions still apply. Players can congregate and talk with each other in real-time as they play FWM. Dungeons, co-op boss battles, a massive world to explore – it’s all there in FWM. The graphics engine is the same as in the PC version as well, so players will immediately feel a comforting sense of familiarity as they take their first steps into FWM. 

Q: Character wings are interesting, but are they for flying or for pure cosmetic? Besides, how can players get wings?

A: Wings don’t enable characters to fly, but they do provide a variety of buffs to your abilities and power level. They’re absolutely more than just a cosmetic upgrade. The quest to acquire wings is a long and arduous one, so only the most driven players will be able to sport these badges of awesomeness. The quest will become available when a character reaches Level 40.

Forsaken World Mobile

Q: What PvE and PvP contents that players can expect? Is all gameplay synchronous and in real time?

A: FWM has multiple options for both PvE and PvP gameplay, and it all happens in real time. You won’t find any turn-based action in FWM. Players can take on the game’s dungeons, bosses and wild mobs either solo or in teams. PvP options include the War Soul Arena for 1 on 1 battles and the Battlefield, which can handle team matches of up to 10 on 10. Players can also attack each other in the game’s open areas.

Q: Mount system is a big part of the game. Can you talk about what's fun with mounts? In what ways can players obtain mounts?

A: If you really want to optimize your character, you’ll have to acquire and level your mount. Like wings, mounts provide your character with a number of buffs and bonuses, and unlike wings, they boost your movement ability as well. The higher your mount is leveled, the faster it can run when you ride it, and the more significant its buffs will be.

Each time you evolve your mount to a new level, it will also change its appearance. Players can acquire alternative mount skins in the game by collecting various items found across the world.
You can get a mount when you reach level 35, and you must level your mount to level 5 before you can ride it.

Forsaken World Mobile

Q: Additionally, I notice that there is a Dreamscape system in the game. Can you elaborate on it?

A: The Dreamscape is somewhat of a private home base where players can get free Stamina refills and game currency. They can also equip and level up certain items that provide buffs and bonuses to the character. Players may also visit each other’s Dreamscapes.

Q: Can players customize their character's appearance, armors and mounts?

A: As of launch, character customization is restricted to the acquisition of armor and clothing found in the game. Mounts can be customized via mount evolution or by acquiring alternate mount types, as previously discussed.

Forsaken World Mobile

Q: There are 5 classes in the FWM, out of the 9 classes from the PC version. So, will you add the other classes to the mobile version?

A: I can say that new additions have been planned, and we will do our best to fulfill our users’ requests.

Q: What would the in-app purchase look like? What can players purchase in the game?

A: IAPs are divided into bound and unbound items. Bound items are locked to the purchaser, whereas unbound items may be auctioned or sent to other players. Most IAPs are intended to speed up the game, if a player is very eager to progress through it. Options include items that can be resold for gold, items that allow Solo players to enter Team dungeons, various clothing items, potions, gems, quick-travel items, and many more. The game is designed to be enjoyable and playable even if players choose not to spend any money.

Forsaken World Mobile
Forsaken World Mobile






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