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Top Players by Hero in 6.84 - Tier 1





Today we are going to have a look at the best player for each Tier 1 hero in 6.84. We will take into account only those players that will participate in TI5 and with at least 10 games played.

Queen of Pain has been played in 430 games during this patch with an average win rate of 53%. Team Secret’s s4 was the best QoP player also during 6.83 with an 80% win rate over 15 games. He bought Power Treads, Ring of Basilius, Orchid Malevolence and Black King Bar as core items. Occasionally he got an Assault Cuirass as a luxury item in the late game. As consumables, he used a Healing Salve in every game, a Tango in eight of them and an Enchanted Mango just a single time. He played QoP six times in Safe Lane during this patch.

Gyrocopter has been played in 471 games during this patch with an average win rate of 48%. EHOME’s Zyf is close to LGD Gaming’s Sylar as the best Gyrocopter’s player with only 0.3% less win rate, but at the same time he played 4 games more. Sylar never played this hero in 6.83 while Zyf obtained a 50% win rate over two games. Sylar bought a Magic Wand and a Ring of Aquila in almost every game. Phase Boots are his main choice as boots while we can find a Black King Bar in every match. Butterfly is the most bought luxury item, which in fact we find in 10 games and on average it is built at 34 minutes.

I was forced to not respect the 10 game requisite for Undying because no players that will head to TI5 have played him that many times. Undying has been played in 187 games during this patch with an average win rate of 54%. Vici Gaming’s Iceiceice played Undying also during 6.81 with a respectable 80% win rate over 5 games, but in most of these games he was played in a dual hard lane. We find tanky and supportive items such as Arcane Boots and Mekansm, eventually combined into Guardian Greaves, and Hood of Defiance into Pipe of Insight. The only luxury item left is a Shiva’s Guard but he bought it just a single time.

We have an ex aequo, as in fact Vici Gaming’s Super and Virtus Pro’s God obtained the same win rate over 10 games. Shadow Fiend has been played in 431 games during this patch with an average win rate of 52%. Even during 6.83 Super was the best Shadow Fiend in Dota with an 85% win rate over 21 games, followed by Team Secret’s Arteezy with an 82% over 23 games. God instead had pretty bad results with a 47% win rate over 17 games. Power Treads, Mekansm and Black King Bar are the core items on this hero for Super while God preferred to buy also a Ring of Aquila in the early game - Blink Dagger has almost never been bought.

Io has been played in 215 games during this patch with an average win rate of 49%. Also in 6.81 and 6.82 LGD Gaming’s MMY obtained good results with Io, 66% and 75% win rate respectively - instead during 6.83 he collapsed to 43%. His build is quite standard: Bottle, Urn of Shadows and the new Glimmer Cape. There aren’t luxury items at all beside a funny Divine Rapier at 20 minutes in their game against Natus Vincere during the MarsTV 2015 Finals.


Evil Geniuses’ SumaiL and Natus Vincere’s Dendi both obtained a 100% win rate but they played only 5 games so I don’t think they played enough games to enter in a “best of” list. I have preferred to focus on God with 77% win rate over 9 games. He has bought Arcanes and Bloodstone in every single game and sustained his early lane with a Healing Salve, a Bottle and a Magic Wand. As luxury items he focused on Black King Bar, Boots of Travel and Octarine Core. Eul’s Scepter has been bought  only one time. Leshrac has been played in 380 games during this patch with an average win rate of 57%.

Earthshaker has been played in 453 games during this patch with an average win rate of 49%. CDEC’s Q is the best Earthshaker’s player that respects our criteria, whereas by  decreasing the number of games we can find Natus Vincere’s SoNNeikO with 6 games but an 83% win rate. Items are pretty standard and cheap: Arcane Boots, Blink Dagger and Force staff.
I hope you enjoyed this list, in my next article I will continue it including the Tier 2 heroes.

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