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Interview With WPC CEO Yi Yuanyuan

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Q: I am so glad to interview with Yi Yuanyuan who is the WPC Shanghai E-sports Center’s CEO and the principal of Jingrui E-sports project. First of all, say hello to everyone.
A: Hi guys. I am the CEO of WPC-ACE Dota 2 league. Thanks for watching our WPC-ACE matches.

Q: Have WPC-ACE E-sport center's attendance rate and promoting effect met your anticipation until now?
A: This is our first league, and we just tried to make everything good. WPC has a professional E-sports center and the biggest prize pool (1 million China Yuan ~$163,000). We invest much money into our E-sports project, so I hope all these can make this league perfect. All of our matches are LANs, and we also hold some fun activities on no-match days. Many people like this mode and begin to know WPC.

Q: We all know Korea is very professional in E-sports. Have you ever communicated with them and learned something from them?
A: Of course, we keep in touch with each other and hope to hold a CN vs Korea tournament. All their operation mode and experience make our league better.

Q: Will WPC intend to invite international teams like Alliance and Na'Vi?
A: Because of lack of preparation time, we didn’t contact those international teams this time. Our WPC-ACE season lasts about 3 months, so international teams may meet some problems like Visa and schedule. They have many matches to play in Europe too.

Q: Why WPC chooses long season format rather than TI format during a short period of time?
A: We are not in E-sports industry. This is our first time involved in E-sports, so we use NBA operation mode to run our WPC. I think this kind of format is unique and can improve all players’ level. We invite the top-tier players, provide highest prize pool and use the most professional format. Fans have many opportunities to meet their favorite players during the long season. What we do is make E-sports more and more professional in China.

Q: Do you have confidence to take the place of The International and become the No.1 Dota 2 event in the world?
A: This is our final goal. They run TI by using short-term high media exposure mode. We are so different and what we need to do is improve Chinese E-sports environment, and I think all kind of mode is helpful in Dota 2 and E-sports.

Q: Could you give some words to Chinese Dota 2?
A: Chinese Dota 2 has a solid mass base. Large part of players comes from War 3 Dota. I feel good E-sports games are like traditional competitive sports, therefore Dota 2 will have a bright future in China.

Q: First WPC-ACE Dota 2 League is almost over. Which part do you think has to be improved?
A: There are many parts we need to improve, such as lack of experience, professional aspects, interaction and tournament format.

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