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TI5 European Qualifier Day Two Recap





London Conspiracy vs Hellraisers
HR picks: Dazzle/Chen/Vengeful/Clockwerk/Drow
LC picks: Shadow Demon/Queen of Pain/LeShrac/Spirit Breaker/Lycan

The game starts off poorly for LC with an early solo first blood against the Queen of Pain by Drow in the middle lane. This snowballs into a delayed team wipe of LC with no deaths for HR at Rosh at 10 minutes in and an Aegis for Vengeful. They rotate top and take the double Rax at 13 minutes, resulting in the GG call, 1-0 LC.

HR picks: Disrupter/Chen/Jugger/Clockwerk/Templar Assassin
LC picks: Ogre Magi/LeShrac/Witch Doctor/Beastmaster/Shadowfiend

LC starts the game strong with Ogre Magi disrupting Chen’s early jungle and blocking all of his big camps. The game becomes decidedly less in their favor after Templar Assassin solo kills Shadowfiend despite an early gank by Ogre Magi; Beastmaster also falls immediately after in the offlane. At thirteen minutes, HR goes for Rosh and immediately wins a team fight afterward 4-1.

After such a strong early start, the HR LeShrac is starting to get bullied out of the game by the Disruptor combo. HR starts to throw with cocky positioning by the Templar Assassin and gets their mid T2 taken along with half of the T3. Another 4-1 team fight for LC results in a free Rosh afterward and an Aegis for LeShrac. A pick on Templar Assassin allows LC take another free objective in the top tower, as well as another few kills. By now, the snowball for HR has turned into an avalanche for LC.

At 30 minutes even, the mid double rax is taken by LC after another failed team fight. HR picks up a free Rosh, but immediately forfeits the Aegis afterward and loses a few buybacks as the top rax is pressured. The top rax falls soon after with a pick on Clockwerk, then Templar Assassin gets caught again, resulting in the GG call, 2-0 LC.

Yellow Submarine vs Na’Vi
YES picks: Shadowfiend/Dark Seer/Witch Doctor/Rubick/Razor
Na’Vi picks: Queen of Pain/Shadow Demon/Earthshaker/Lifestealer/Winter Wyvern

YES pop a level one smoke, but don’t get anything from it other than a few sentries. Winter Wyvern kills the courier in mid lane, but not before the bottle delivery for Shadowfiend.

Na’Vi draws first blood on Razor with an aggressive trilane of Shadow Demon, Winter Wyvern, and Lifestealer. Queen of Pain and Shadowfiend both go down in mid lane with backup from their respective supports while the Na’Vi trilane forces both TPs out of Razor and Witch Doctor.

Another gank with an invis rune on Winter Wyvern kills Shadowfiend again. Shadowfiend gets caught again in the Radiant jungle due to smart ward coverage; at this point, he is very, very behind. When the supports leave Lifestealer, YES are baited in and give up three kills in the top lane. Shadowfiend gets caught again in mid soon after. Na’Vi pick up another kill the with the Queen of Pain/Lifestealer bomb in the bottom lane, bringing the kill lead to 2-9. With another pick onto Shadowfiend, he falls to 0-5 and only 3k net worth at 14 minutes.

A 14 minute rotation to Rosh from Na’Vi is abandoned after they smell the five man smoke from YES to counter it. Immediately after, Na’Vi gets a team wipe on YES with a 5 man Fissure from Earthshaker. Another team wipe against YES at the top T1 tower results in the GG call, 1-0 Na’Vi win.

YES picks: Dragon Knight/Dark Seer/Earthshaker/Sven/Pudge
Na’Vi picks: Queen of Pain/Shadow Demon/Visage/Axe/Timbersaw

Sven picks up a cheeky first blood on Queen of Pain by baiting out the rune into a Pudge/Sven/Earthshaker grab combo onto high ground. Dendi’s Queen of Pain is getting very bullied and dies again to the Pudge grab, then dies once more at the rune. Na’Vi loses another team fight in the bottom lane 3-0. Queen of Pain finally picks up a double kill in the middle lane after an overcommitment by YES and begins to snowball forward.

Na’Vi get a few picks in the Radiant jungle and rotate for the free Rosh. YES manages to turn it around with a 3-1 trade near their secret shop. YES lose four across the map at 24 minutes and almost lose their bottom rax tower. A 3-1 trade for YES near the Na’Vi bottom T3 puts them back in the game.

A 4-1 trade for Na’Vi at 31 minutes results in an Aegis for Axe. YES bottom rax tower goes down at 40 minutes, but YES get a 4-3 trade in their favor. After a pick on Dark Seer, Na’Vi goes for the Rosh at 42:30 with no contest. Na’Vi goes for the push on the open bottom rax, with Queen of Pain picking up a triple kill along the way. A 4-4 trade with a buyback from Dark Seer saves the YES top T3.

After a 2-1 trade with a buyback forced from Pudge, YES loses their top T3 but holds onto the Rax for now. While Dark Seer is still down, Na’Vi rotates for another free Rosh, then rotate and immediately get a full team wipe against YES, forcing three buybacks. Sven gets caught again with no buyback, resulting in a lost top rax. After some fountain diving from Na’Vi, the GG comes out from YES resulting in a 2-0 for Na’Vi.

4 Anchors + Sea Captain vs Burden United
4ASC picks: LeShrac/Bounty Hunter/Shadow Demon/Shadowfiend/Axe
BU picks: Chen/Bristleback/Storm Spirit/Witch Doctor/Phantom Lancer

Bounty Hunter is following Chen around the jungle to harass him and block big camps. The pressure on Chen is highly effective as he is unable to gank. Axe gets a solo kill top on Bristleback and Shadowfiend finds Chen in the jungle for one more kill. A poor fight in mid for 4ASC evens the kills back out.

LeShrac trades for a kill against three BU players in the bottom jungle. Radiant is getting pressured very hard by the Axe blink dagger with Track kills starting a snowball, with Shadowfiend on top of the net worth chart. 4ASC trade top T1 for the first Rosh and an Aegis on LeShrac. 4ASC gets a pick on Witch Doctor mid as well as all of the Chen creeps and get a free T2 as a result.

BU get a free bot T1 and most of the T2 with some questionable positioning from 4ASC. 4ASC get a really cool pick on Storm Spirit with a Shadow Demon disruption into Shadowfiend ult. 4ASC rotate immediately to Roshan after forcing Phantom Lancer back to base and get another Aegis onto LeShrac.

A catch on Bristleback at the T3 mid tower forces a buyback from him. Five kills, including a Storm Spirit who bought back and died twice, result in a mid rax and half the top rax being pushed down. After a shove onto the bottom rax, GG is called 4ASC 1-0.

4ASC picks: Keeper of the Light/Phantom Lancer/Rubick/Weaver/Magnus
BU picks: Gyro/Earthshaker/Viper/Beastmaster/Witch Doctor

The game starts out with a 3-0 trade for BU, followed by another 2 fast kills in the bottom lane. 4ASC finally get their first kill on Gyro at 9 minutes, making the score 1-7. After some questionable trading in mid for BU, the score stands at 4-9 with Gyro and Weaver both getting double kills. 4ASC picks up another double kill on Weaver as the snowball begins to turn around.

An excellent spellsteal from Rubick on the Earthshaker’s rupture splits the teams and results in another kill on Witch Doctor. At 18 minutes, the gold evens out. BU rotates to Rosh at 20 minutes and takes it for free. Magnus hits an amazing 4 man shock wave as BU tries to push up the mid lane for a team wipe, including the Aegis.

BU smoke for a Rosh, but sacrifice two kills for it. Phantom Lancer is able to pick up the bottom T2 afterward, as well as a pick on Earthshaker with the help of Magnus and Keeper of the Light. The duo of Keeper and Phantom Lancer continue to push the bottom T3 tower as the rest of 4ASC stop teleports across the map but aren’t quite able to finish it off.

4ASC get a quick three kills near the T3 mid tower, but Gyro buys back and picks up four enemies at the end of the fight. After another pick on Earthshaker and Beastmaster, who have no buybacks, 4ASC push down the mid T3 tower and almost take the ranged rax. An immediate 4ASC rotation to Rosh grants Weaver an Aegis with which he goes and solo shoves the almost dead range rax down. BU manages to hold them off from finishing the melee rax with Gyro’s flak cannon picking up a kill on Magnus before he can RP.

Phantom Lancer gets the bottom T3 tower and starts pushing down the rax with his illusions. Weaver takes the bottom ranged rax and starts a 3-3 trade in which BU spent all three buybacks. Phantom Lancer and Keeper fall in the top lane after getting caught out, forcing Keeper’s buyback as Viper starts to take the T3 bottom tower. 4ASC rotates for the Rosh, but a race against time has begun as Gyro starts building a Divine Rapier.

Magus makes a huge play as he Blinks into the middle of the entire smoked team of BU and engages the final battle resulting in four deaths and the GG call from BU, 2-0 4ASC.

PowerRangers vs Alliance
PR picks: Disruptor/LeShrac/Spirit Breaker/Weaver/Alchemist
ALL picks: Io/Tiny/Phoenix/Rubick/Windrunner

A fancy level one Roshan rush from PR gives LeShrac some space in the mid lane with an Aegis. An early Io gank on LeShrac nearly takes down the Aegis, but he manages to survive with a bar of health. Weaver and Spirit Breaker take the first blood on Windrunner while Io and Tiny pop the Aegis in mid lane. Another engagement by Tiny and Io on LeShrac result in his death, but a charge from Spirit Breaker takes out Io for the trade.

In the offlane, Weaver gets solo killed by Windrunner. Another attempted dive on LeShrac gets turned by him as he takes down Tiny and almost gets the double on Io with a Lightning Strike. Weaver trades his life for a kill on Rubick in the 2v2 lane. An attempted dive on Windrunner bottom triggers two teleports from his teammates, but no kills result as Spirit Breaker charges out and Weaver Time Lapses.

In the meantime, Alchemist is farming insanely hard, over two thousand gold above the closest competitor on the net worth graph. Phoenix gets a great Supernova next to the mid lane T1, resulting in a 2-1 trade in their favor. At thirteen minutes, Alchemist is up to 12k net worth, more than double the next highest on the list.

A 3-3 trade with Alchemist’s first fight involvement results in a buyback from Phoenix. PR rotates for a Roshan and picks up a 3-2 trade in their favor. A 3-1 trade near the T2 middle lane for PR is followed immediately by another 4-1 trade near the bottom T2.

Alchemist goes to solo Rosh at 25 minutes and takes the Aegis after gifting Weaver with a completed Agh’s Scepter. After a pick on Windrunner near the bot T3 tower, ALL manage to pick up four kills including the Aegis to save their rax. They manage to get another catch in the Radiant jungle, resulting in an 8k gold swing in three minutes to put them back into the game for a few minutes.
A team wipe resulting in multiple buybacks at the bottom ALL rax results in a double rax bottom and mid. Another four deaths on ALL next to Roshan result in the GG, PR 1-0.

PR picks: Queen of Pain/Clockwerk/Winter Wyvern/Crystal Maiden/Huskar
ALL picks: Skywrath Mage/Bloodseeker/Zeus/Axe/Broodmother

A level one dust gank from PR catches out Broodmother with the help of a sentry ward for the first blood. A Bloodseeker gank on mid catches out Huskar for a 3 minute kill. The Winter Wyvern and Crystal Maiden slow combo gets multiple kills in a row on Axe and a kill on Zeus up top.

Clockwerk gets a good grab onto Bloodseeker for a gank kill in mid lane after having a very successful lane against the Broodmother. Queen of Pain picks up a triple kill in the top lane at 6 minutes with a sacrificial grab from Clockwerk. She soon picks up another double kill in the middle lane.

PR then gets absolutely caught out and trades four deaths for one. Another 1-1 trade results in a 4-2 overall with a double buyback from ALL. Clockwerk gets a solo kill on Skywrath, while Brood tries to answer back with a Rosh but is unable to finish it off.

A scouting Zeus ult finds PR at Rosh, but ALL are unable to fight and give up three kills in addition to the Rosh. Alliance get baited by the Huskar solo pushing down mid T1 and give up 4 kills for none after Huskar lives through a Skywrath and Bloodseeker ult combo with the help of Winter Wyvern.

A chain of ALL deaths results in a PR push all the way down mid and the first set of rax fall at 22 minutes. Another semi-team wipe with buybacks from ALL results in the bottom rax being taken and the final GG call, 2-0 to PR.

Takeaways from Today:
4 Anchors + Sea Captain and Ninjas in Pyjamas make it out of Group A after strong performances on either side. Unfortunately, Alliance tied for last place with Burden United and will not be able to participate in TI5. Na’Vi comes out comfortably on top of Group B with 9 points; either London Conspiracy or Vega Squadron will join them in getting out of groups after a tiebreaker game tomorrow. Make sure to log on to your game client at 12 PM CEST tomorrow, 31/05/2015, to catch the first set of the double elimination bracket!









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