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Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul is finally going to be released on North America in early 2016. If you are planning to or already playing this game but don't know which race and class to choose from, you can read this beginner guide and then make your decision.


Blade and Soul provides 4 races for players to choose from, included Gon, Jin, Yun and Lyn.


Bequeathed with the beauty of the Phoenix, the all-female Yun prefer the divine order of the natural world over the politics of civilized life. 

Available Classes: Force Master, Blade Master


Descendants of the Kirin, the Lyn are known as much for their unpredictable nature as they are for their otherworldly mysticism.

Available Classes: Summoner, Force Master


Versatile, tenacious, friendly, and wise – the Jin channel all the legendary features of the Black Tortoise plus their own strong sense of justice.

Available Classes: Assassin, Blade Master, Kung Fu Master


The mighty Gon, infused with the energy of the Dragon, make stalwart and generous allies but fearsome combatants.

Available Classes: Destroyer, Kung Fu Master

Blade and Soul


There are 7 classes available in Blade & Soul currently. Each class has unique combos and is supposed to match a certain number of players' play style.

Blade Master

Blade Master is a front-line warrior that balances offensive and defensive attacks. You should use Block skills well while beating back enemies. Blade Master is good at AOE. Through block skill and Moonslash, it can kill a batch of enemies. It is not difficult to play Blade Master. You just need to get familiar with Bosses’ skills and gameplay in PVE. Of course, Blade Master is also not weak in PvP actions. Charging skills and block skills allow it to proceed or step back freely. And its burst damage is also nice.


Destroyer is an AOE class with high HP and comparatively low ATK. It is good at farming gold in the late game. In dungeons, Destroyer plays as a controller, who can use various long-playing control skills to help group. It can act as Tank sometimes, but can’t be match with Blade Master and Kung Fu Master. You can make full use of its high HP to wear down your opponents in PvP.


Speaking of Assassin, you may think of stealth, applying affliction and so on. Indeed, Assassin in Blade and Soul is very powerful in PVP. It can use only a set of skills to kill an enemy. But it is very weak. So, it requires a good operative skill. If you are PVP lover, Assassin is a good choice. Besides, it is also a good DPS in dungeons.

Kung Fu Master

Kung Fu Master is experts in hand-to-hand fighting, with fast-paced, extravagant attacks. It is very good at PVP actions but have the high request to the operators. Kung Fu Master is a good Tank in dungeons, of course, can also be a DPS if needed. However, you should have a good operative skill to play it. 

Force Master 

Force Master is a ranged class by using Fire-and-ice abilities to deal heavy damage to multiple enemies. But the high DPS will also bring disaster. A good Force Master should keep the balance between dealing damage and enemy’s hatred. Force Master is relatively easy to play. It is very powerful in dungeons, but a little weak in PVP.


The biggest uniqueness of Summoner is it can summon a creature for help in the battle. That helps new players get through the early stage smoothly. But its ATK and HP are not so outstanding. Summoner is easy to play and recommended to those who are not very familiar with the control and combat of Blade & Soul. Also, players who like cute stuff and pet collection can try this class. 

Blade Dancer

Blade Dancer is similar to Blade Master in many ways. You can see Blade Dancer as an (slightly) easier version of Blade Master, with lower HP, defense and higher critical damage and AoE power. NCsoft makes Blade Dancer a Lyn exclusive class so those who are not a fan of cute character but like Blade Dancer's combat style may have a difficult desicion to make.

Blade and Soul

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