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Neverwinter Profession: Leadership Guide

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Leadership is a special profession among 5 professions for it does not provide weapons, equipments or consumables. Leadership mainly rewards us 5 kinds of prices including assets, resource, chests, and experience points.

Leveling Guide

Unlike other games, in world of Neverwinter, the key elements to level up profession skills is time rather than variety materials. Thus there are many ways to level up professions in Neverwinter. You can choose them according to your situation.

Level 1-4

If you are eager to level up Leadership quickly, I recommend you repeating the task Feed the Needy. It will give you 5 Leadership Experience every 10 minutes, say 30 Leadership Experience for every hour. The material porridge can be brought from the profession supplies merchant in Protector’s Enclave.

Update: Level 5 

When your leadership reached level five, a new quest Explore Local Area will be available. This quest will reward you 40 leadership xps per hour which is the most efficient at the time.

If you want to use Leadership to level up your character the task Guard Duty would be the best choice. It rewards you 150 XP every 2 hours which is the most economic way among other tasks.


Assets are workers do the profession tasks for you. Leadership can reward you high level assets with bonus like 5% speed up.

They are used in common profession tasks.

Chests provide many goods by chance. You may have consumables, skill kits, enchantments, runstone and profession resources.

Leadership is the only one rewarding us experience points beside profession experience. If you do leadership task continuous sustaining, you’ll have 75 experience points every hour.

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