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8 Asian MMOs That Need To Come To The West In 2014

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Deep Down
Asia has become the largest MMO market and every year there are dozens of new MMO titles coming to the western market. Predictably dozens of MMOs will reach the shore of NA and EU next year, and among them we have some highly anticipated titles like ArcheAge and Blade & Soul. Eying the eastern new MMOs in 2013, a lot of the new games have proven their popularity in Asia and seeking for a chance in the west. There are 8 Asian MMOs that we want to have in west in 2014. Read on to see if they are the ones you are waiting for.

You have to admit that Korean developers are experts at developing Unreal Engine 3 MMOs. Bless is the latest one uses the engine Epic Games released in 2006, and the game is extraordinary beautiful. The game can be described as "massive". You can be in the middle of the massive war between 2 nations: Hieron and Union; you can battle huge bosses that will become even huge after transformation; you will be able to explore massive seamless open world. With the day/night shift system, you can experience different content and encounter different NPCs. To deliver a convincing medieval feeling, the developer team actually went to many places in Europe and Africa. The game has an English official site though it's yet to confirm the western release plan. Hopefully we will hear good news in early 2014.



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