Pearl Abyss Is Working on Black Desert's English Client

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Black Desert

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Pearl Abyss, the developer of the sandbox title Black Desert, is working on Black Desert's English client. They just updated some brand new screenshots of Black Desert's English client through their Facebook page.

There is still no further news about the western publisher for Black Desert. However, the three screenshots must make Black Desert fans feel much more positive and excited. Check them out.

Black Desert is Pearl Abyss's debut title featuring seamless open world, large-scale castle siege, housing system etc. The first closed beta of Black Desert in Korea has ended in October this year which lasted for only one week. The second closed beta is scheduled in early 2014. 

Black Desert

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Black Desert
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Some Black Desert trailers that you may have watched and want to watch again

We will keep updating latest Black Desert news, previews, reviews, interviews, screenshots, featured articles and more on our Black Desert Facebook page. Join other fans and stay stuned. You can visit our Black Desert game hub for more previous Black Desert articles.

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