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VG.rOtK Interview In Sina Supernova Dota 2 Open: Bristleback is Insane





Tonight Vici gaming will fight against in Sina Cup Supernova Dota 2 Open upper bracket final. Roshan studio interviewed VG.rotK who played Bristleback in three successive games versus DK.

Roshan studio: Hi RotK, thank you for taking our interview. First of all, say hello to everyone.

VG.rOtK: Hi guys, I am VG.rOtK.

Roshan studio: Congratulations on beating DK 2-1 and thus joining the upper bracket finals. Could you comment the series with DK?

VG.rOtK: We played better, that’s all.

Roshan studio: Okay, let's talk about game two which is your only defeated game. After the series, you posted a Weibo that losing game 2 was your fault. Was it a line-up problem? Or can't deal with DK's Night Stalker-Timbersaw combo?

VG.rOtK: We did a really bad draft, especially third and fourth picks, and we ended up with three solos and two jungles while DK did well in ban-pick.

Roshan Studio: Many people said iceiceice was the main reason of DK's lose and he always led the team wipe. What do you think about it?

VG.rOtK: I'm afraid not. When you lose the game, the offlane heroes like clockwork will have bad stats. Iceiceice’s clockwerk is epic, and I usually learn from his replays.

Roshan Studio: Do you have different moods when you play with DK or other teams?

VG.rOtK: Actually, it’s different at the very start. I couldn’t accept failure when we played with DK, but as time passed, all personal feeling faded away gradually. Victory and defeat are both common in game, and all you need to do is learning from the game. I have learned much from DK during these two years. DK don’t own me anything and we are still good friends.

Roshan Studio: Super had a great performance last game. You both know each other well. Could you talk about his play styles?

VG.rOtK: Super is a very talented player. We know each other from Warcraft 3 Dota by playing in a same team: Days. Actually Super can play all the positions rather than only a few mid solo heroes.

Roshan Studio: You played Bristleback three times yesterday. Looks like you really like this hero. Could you tell us the reason you picked Bristleback? Is Bristleback fit for VG’s system?

VG.rOtK: The only reason is Bristleback is insane.

Roshan Studio: Sylar has played all previous Sina Cup Supernova Dota 2 Open matches. Predict the game with tonight. Which team do you think plays better now?

VG.rOtK: of course, We need more time to break in.

Roshan Studio: these days VG are dealing with Polish passport. How is it going?

VG.rOtK: Tomorrow we will attend the visa application interview. I hope everything goes well.

Roshan Studio: Na'Vi and Alliance will attend EMS too. Have you guys researched your opponents?

VG.rOtK: We bought in-game ticket and watched all their games, so we look forward to facing with them.

Roshan Studio: Okay, thank you again for taking our interview. Good luck with your Visa and Sina Cup final. Any shout-outs to all your fans?

VG.rOtK: Thank you for all your support and criticism, understanding and misunderstanding. Support gives me power and criticism makes me improve. However, I will not change my character, because I live for myself. Shout-out to our sponsor Tenwow Group, Somic headset, Sina game and You Daer peripherals.

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