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BurNing Interview in Sina Supernova Open About Mental State After MLG





Pictures by Gosugamers

Team DK will debut in Sina Cup Supernova Dota 2 open today facing new For.Love. Before the match, Roshan Studio interviewed with DK.BurNing about gain and lose in MLG, DK current situation and Ban-Pick.

Roshan Studio: Hi B-god, thank you for taking our interview. First of all, say hello to everyone.

DK.Burning: Hello everyone, I am Zhi Lei "BurNIng" Xu.

Roshan Studio: DK just finished MLG the other day. How do you feel now?

DK.BurNing: After we went back to China, we took two days off. I feel great now.

Roshan Studio: Yesterday was Mushi’s birthday, but he stayed in Malaysia. When will Mushi come back to China? How will you guys plan to celebrate it?

DK.BurNing: Mushi will return to Shanghai 2 days later. We posted some blessing Weibos yesterday. We will prepare a big meal when he comes back.

Roshan Studio: Let’s talk about MLG. What do you think is the main reason of DK lost the grand final versus Speed Gaming.INT? Is stamina the biggest problem?

DK.BurNing: We had horrible jet lag. Moreover, due to the sleep (about 3-4 hours a day) and food problems, we had bad stamina. We usually can play 3 bo3 series in a day without any problem. After the semi-final with Na’Vi, we relaxed a little bit. Stamina, communication and Ban-Pick were bad in that time, moreover, we hadn’t done much research about Speed Gaming.INT.

Roshan Studio: After MLG, you posted a Weibo that ”Champion is not my fate”. Did you feel exhausting in that time?

DK.BurNing: During these two years, we have played many grand final, but we failed all the time. I feel MLG 2013 is a tournament we are closest to the champion, so it’s hard to avoid to grumble after the game.

Roshan Studio: What have you guys learned from MLG?

DK.BurNing: I think it’s mental state. We used to give too much pressure to ourselves, so we were tired. For now, I want to say pleasure is the best. No matter I win the champions or not in the future, I will have a clear conscience and no regret.

Picture by Gosugamers

Roshan Studio: Okay, now let’s talk about Sina Cup Supernova Dota 2 Open. Who is in charge of Ban-Pick in DK now?

DK.BurNing: I am in charge of draft now.

Roshan Studio: You may fight against VG in the second round of playoff. DK hasn’t won VG’s Pugna system since 6.79. Have you guys had some strategy to deal with it?

DK.BurNing: We haven’t done enough research about Pugna. Sometimes our line-up works but sometimes not, therefore we need do more practice.

Roshan Studio: Compare to first tournament, second Sina Cup Supernova Dota 2 Open has more prize pool and shorter schedule. Could you give a comment to our tournament B-God?

DK.BurNing: It’s an awesome tournament. I hope you could keep holding it.

Roshan Studio: Ask a question about iceiceice: iceiceice complained about no one watches movies with him and training all day is boring. Did you plan any activity outside training?

DK.BurNing: I never heard about that, but we are lack of social activities. We will do it better.

Roshan Studio: Okay, many fans want to know that who is the best solo player in DK?

DK.BurNing: iceiceice and Mushi, Depend on heroes.

Roshan Studio: Okay, thank you again for taking our interview. Any shout-outs to all the fans support you?

DK.BurNing: All the thanks for our fans and our sponsor Tt-esports peripherals.

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