Tencent Games And PopCap Announced Plants VS Zombies Online

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Plants VS Zombies Online
(Town concept)

Plants vs. Zombies is back in the form of MMO. Announced at TGC today, Tencent Games is working with PopCap Games to develop Plants vs. Zombies Online, which will start first beta test on December 9, 2013.

Plants VS Zombies Online

Tower defense, the pillar of previous Plants vs. Zombies games, will remain as core feature in Plants vs. Zombies Online. The MMO version adds SNS, simulation and RPG elements. The most notable change in PVZ Online is the implement of town and PvP system. The town is place you live with thousands of other players and they can be your neighbors and they can be your friends. PvP allows you to battle your friends in the classic Plants vs. Zombies mode. You will use the plants you develop to compete with the others'.

Tencent Games will recruit 3,000 players for the first beta. You can apply for beta test at pvz.qq.com.

Plants VS Zombies Online
(Battle preperation)

Plants VS Zombies Online

Plants VS Zombies Online


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