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Tips You Must Know for Blade and Soul [CN] Open Beta Part One





blade and soul tips open beta

Open beta of the Chinese version of Blade and Soul just started hours ago. Would you like to create an account and give the Chinese version a try before this game come to west? If so, you may need the following 17 tips and more tips will be shared later.

1. 2P guides and folks at 2P will help you out a lot. Join in 2P's Blade and Soul International QQ group created especially for western Blade and Soul fans and discuss Blade and Soul together. Here is the guide.

2. You will regret if you skip the game cinematics. The storyline of this game is gorgeous. However, since that is a Chinese version, you will decide whether to skip or not by yourself.

3. Hotkeys: Press "I" to open your inventory, "J" your quest list, "P" your character interface, "M" the map and "K" your skill tree.

4. Can't find your mouse cursor? Try pressing "Esc" key or holding down "Alt" key.

5. Can't see your character's face? Click the middle button of your mouse and then use your mouse to look around.

6. Repairing your gears with Repair Tools and beside the bonfire instead of asking the Weapon Merchant to do that. It saves money.

7. You can tell the level of a dungeon by the color of the dungeon door. There are four kinds of color including white, green, blue and purple. Dungeons with purple dungeon doors are hardest and also called Hero Dungeons.

8. Use "Ctrl" and "X" to hide all interfaces, and then you can enjoy taking screenshots by pressing "PrintScreen".

9. Blade and Soul has cross-server PvP arena and auction house.

10. If you jump off the cliff, do remember to use Qing Gong before you fall to the ground. Or you may die.

11. Press "Esc", click "切换频道" to change a branch.

12. All monsters have been killed by other players and you don't want to wait for another wave? Then change the branch.

13. The character's Energy Point will be refreshed when entering a new map or changing a branch. Use it wisely, and you will run faster.

14. You can form a 4-play team or a 6-player team for a Hero Dungeon. For a 4-player team, you will be rewarded with ornaments. But for a 6-player team, you will be rewarded with weapons in a Hero Dungeon. Decide what you want before you party with others.

15. The best way to level up is to complete every quest you can receive.

16. Input /s, /p, /t, /z, /l, /g, /f before the message you want to send to switch to corresponding channels: /s for general channel, /p for current team, /t for private message, /z for current zone, /l for looking for a team, /g for guild, /f for faction.

17. When you meet a newbie in game, be nice.

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