PAX East 2015: Exclusive Overwatch New Heroes & Map Announcement





This weekend at Pax East 2015, Jeff Kaplin, Game Director of Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment’s™ new FPS (First Person Shooter), introduced to us two new heroes, as well as a new map added to the game. Jesse McCree, Aleksandra Zaryanova (Zarya) for short and last but not least their new map Watchpoint Gibraltar.

Jesse McCree-“Justice ain’t gona dispense itself.”

A reformed bounty hunter formally an outlaw in the Deadlock Gang, was captured by Overwatch Operatives and given his skills presented with a choice, join Blackwatch (a Covert Ops division of Overwatch) or rot in prison, he joined Blackwatch and after its collapse along with Overwatch became a gun for hire only if he felt the cause just.

The Peacekeeper

The Peacekeeper is Jesse’s Main weapon. It has two firing modes each active by the left and right mouse button respectively. Primary fire (Left mouse button) is a semi-auto firing mode that if used correctly can also be used to snipe enemies form long distance. Alternate fire (Right mouse button) gives a full auto mode of firing for effective close range combat.

Combat Roll

Using the shift button to activate, it provides an effective way to ether evade or close in on enemy targets also using this ability will fully reload the Peacekeeper.

Flash Bang

Using the E button, throws a grenade that stuns enemy target(s) in a small area for a short time.

Ultimate Ability Dead Eye

Using the Q button, McCree slows down to almost a stop and holsters the Peacekeeper, taking stock of the enemies in his LoS (Line of Sight). During Dead Eye target reticules appear on enemy players as they close in on their targets Red Skulls appear indicating a “Fatal” shot dealing massive amounts of damage to all targets affected.

Aleksandra Zaryanova (Zarya)-“Together we are strong.”

A rising star in Russian weightlifting, Zarya was on the cusp of entering into the World Championship of Weightlifting before learning that her village was attacked by an old enemy long thought defeated-the Siberian ominum. Learning of the attack, she withdrew from the competition and enlisted in the Russian Defense Forces to protect her people and remained there once the conflict had concluded.

Particle Cannon

Zarya’s Main weapon, it has two firing modes. Primary fire (Left mouse button) is a beam that is effective from short to medium range. The alternate fire (Right mouse button) takes the cannons ammo and while using portions of it, converts it into a projectile that gives is a grenade launcher feel to the weapon.

Particle Barrier

Using the Shift button to activate, creates a shield around Zarya that protects from all incoming damage. Also as a passive effect the damage taken during the shields duration is converted to bonus damage for the Particle Cannon.

Projected Barrier

Using the E button, generates a Particle Barrier on a friendly team member giving the same damage protection as when used on one’s self and also has the same passive effect.

Ultimate Ability Graviton Surge

Using Q to activate, the Particle Cannon launches a gravity bomb, dealing damage and drawing in all enemy team members into it within range.

Watchpoint Gibraltar (Payload)

Watchpoint Gibraltar is a decommissioned Overwatch base overlooking the Mediterranean, once used to monitor threats and quickly deploy assistance to areas in need. However, with recent activity being noticed at the site it’s now under siege. Winston still believing that Overwatch never should have been shut down, is now trying to get the group back up and operational by using Gibraltar and its resources to do so. He has constructed a device (The Payload) that if upon reaching the shuttle, can get the communications network back online.

Watchpoint Gibraltar is solely a payload style map--meaning one team (The Attackers), will need to stand near the payload to make it move forward to the next checkpoint while the enemy team (The Defenders), focus on keeping the objective free of “attackers” and by being near the payload stops its progress. However if no one is near the payload it will move backwards to the last checkpoint.

Beta Release Date
Overwatch Beta is expected to be available Fall 2015.

As with all Blizzard™ games we can expect some pretty epic cinematics to give us some help with the story but keep your eyes peeled, you never know what stories the world can tell if you know where to look.
    All pictures, video, and content provide by: Blizzard Entertainment™
    At Pax East convention Boston, Mass. March 6th 2015






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