[Boom Beach] LV10 Hammerman's HQ guide by ArlenX

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As I metioned in this article, ArlenX is not only a top Boom Beach player, but also a helpful person.

He even made a new free account to make us some useful guides.

I guess many newbies like me has stucked at the LV10 Hammerman's HQ, in this video guide, you don't need to have high level base to conquer it, check it out:

Some tips from ArlenX:

1. It's not recommanded to beat this with low level headquaters. If you have LV5 Headquater, you can build a Sculptor first, so that you can get life shards as reward.

2. Same idea as above, if you have LV6 Headquater with Stone Storage, you can get 1200 stones as reward, which is a lot.

Boom Beach

Original post from Boombeach吧, authorized by ArlenX.

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