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[Guide] Register a Blade & Soul(CN) Open Beta Account

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Blade & Soul

NCsoft's martial art MMORPG Blade & Soul Chinese Open Beta servers are up now. Can't wait to try the game even if it is not an English version? Here is guide about how to register a Blade & Soul(CN) account for you.

Things you need to know before you start:

1. If you are using Windows 8.1, please download the Windows 8.1 patch at down.qq.com/bns/mannual/bns_setup_1.78.4042.2_windows8.exe. Be noted that the patch is a test version and it's not perfect at the moment.

2. You might be asked to provide your ID number the first time you log into the game. If you come across this problem, please follow the first step and join our QQ group (group number: 257876858). We'll help you out. 

3. If you get scrambled texts when you launch the game, try changing the locale to Chinese PRC.

Now follow the steps below to register and download the game:

1.You need to register a QQ number. It is the account of Tencent's chat tool and it is binded to all Tencent's games including Blade & Soul(CN). Go to the official QQ registration page (English) to get a QQ number.


After successfully registering an account, you will receive a QQ number. This QQ number is unique to you and you will be using this to login your Blade & Soul Game Account. 

2.Download Blade & Soul(CN) Open Beta client and install it.


Just like most installation, you only need to click "Next", "Accept" and choose the folder of Blade & Soul(CN) client.

During the installation, you may need to install MIcrosoft Direct X. Just do it, accept and next.



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