Kingdom Under Fire 2 Interview: PS4 Version Will Have Exclusive Content





Developed by BlueSide, Kingdom under Fire 2 is a hack-and-slash MMORPG with RTS element. The game is described as Dynasty Warriors with strategy experience, and players in US and Europe have been waiting for this game for a while. We caught up with BlueSide's CEO Kim Se-Jung at G-Star 2013 and talked about Kingdom under Fire 2's gameplay and future plans.

Q: The game was reported to have 70GB and then compressed to 20GB. What happened? Did you compromise anything?

A: At the very beginning Kingdom under Fire 2's unpacked and high quality files made the game about 70GB huge. We upgraded the game's engine without compromising the quality and compressed the game's size significantly.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 

Q: What are the differences between Kingdom under Fire 2 and Dynasty Warriors series in terms of combat?

A: Dynasty Warriors games focus on the heroes themselves and you can't control your troops. Kingdom under Fire 2 allows players to give commands to their troops. Players can tell their troops when and whom to attack and where to move. What's more, troops are upgradable.

Q: What's the party size in KUF2?

A: Currently the game supports 3-player co-op. In the release version we will introduce bigger party size, say, 20-player or 50-player group.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 

Q: Is KUF2 instance-based or does it have open world content?

A: It has open world just like other MMORPGs where you can do quests, kill monsters and gather materials. From killing monsters you may get items that can be used to upgrade your troops.

Q: In addition to kill monster, are there other ways to obtain the item to upgrade the troops?

A: Open world quests and instance rewards will give players the items.

Q: So there are the heroes and the troops, and which one is more important in the battlefield?

A: I would say both are important. The game allows those who are good at commanding troops and enjoy upgrading their army to win the battle with appropriate tactics. On the other hand, RPG and action game fans can develop their heroes to be a juggernaut that can dominate the battlefield. We hope both RTS and action fans will enjoy this game.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 

Q: I'm always wondering that if my hero is powerful enough, can I enter the battle without my troops?

A: No, you can't dismiss your troops.

Q: How does the mount system like?

A: There are airships that can take players and their troops to the destination.

Q: How about mounted combat, or airship combat?

A: We are considering it.

Q: Would you add fashions into the store?

A: We do have fashions for both heroes and their troops but fashions for the troops are all armor sets. Besides, the troops' clothes will change as they are upgraded.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 

Q: How much time is needed to finish an instanced battlefield?

A: Currently an instance will need 15 to 20 minutes to finish.

Q: What gameplay content can we play in addition to combat?

A: KUF2 is an action MMORPG but it provides players the RPG experience such as hero and troop progression. I'd like to mention a MOBA mode, where players control their heroes and have to fight their way through the enemy gates and finally destroy the enemy base. Last but not least, the game features guild war system and allows players to fight to take control of a territory in the open world.

Q: Can you tell us more about the PS4 version?

A: We will port the game to PS4 and it will have exclusive content.

Q: Have you considered developing the next title?

A: Actually our next game has already in development. We will announce it next year.







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