This Must Be the Dream Wedding for WoWers

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I heard that a lot of couples generate from WoWers(I don't know how many and what the ratio is. But I really  heard some. XD). They developed relationship when playing  World of Warcraft online and eventually stepped to another stage of life together. Here is another newly married couple comes from World of Warcraft. And they held a grand and happy wedding for their marriage. Bless them, Craig and Zoe from Taiwan. I think this must be the dream wedding for WoW fans. Let's have a look what a fantastic wedding this is.

The wedding is designed to be a WoW quest for guests. A red dragon would appear at Craig and Zoe's wedding. They need heroes(guests) to help them to kill it.

The quest map designed by the bride Zoe.

Heroes bringing wedding invitations with sealing wax were invited to fulfill the task.

Cookies and cakes made by the groom Craig.

The heroes were reading Azeroth Daily News carefully.


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