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IG Interview in WPC-ACE League: We Will Keep Raiding Roshan.

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SCNTV: This is the on-stage interview with five IG's new richs. Let me ask captain YYF : IG got 5 Platinum Baby Roshans overnight. What’s your feeling when you woke up this morning?

IG.YYF: I felt so happy. Actually, we got six. Our team manager also got one.

SCNTV: Today you beat LGD.cn in a perfect 2:0. What's IG’s biggest change today?

IG.YYF: I feel we cooperate better today, Hah. Maybe it’s the result of raiding Roshan.

SCNTV: let's ask Hao: In game two, IG picked Pudge-Kunkka combo, but you still chose Anti-Mage. Is it stable for IG to pick Anti-Mage?

IG.Hao: Actually, we didn’t use Anti-Mage when we trained, but this is the game. So we chose a relatively stable hero.

SCNTV: Next question for Faith: In this patch, we find a lot of people are willing to choose Veno in first pick. Why?

IG.Faith: Veno can be placed in three lanes, and also can solo mid. I can count it intangible.

SCNTV: let's ask 430: Did you and YYF often play Pudge-Kunkka combo in the training? Your X Marks and Hook are almost perfect today.

IG.430: yep, we usually tried classic combo in the train. Sometimes we buy Eul's Scepter of Divinity to make sure the hook if we don’t have control skills.

SCNTV: Okay, Next question for banana: In game one, two teams are really close. Could you tell us what's IG's strategy when two teams come to a stalemate phase?

IG.Banana: LGD’s lineup is good at defense in game one. We kept proactive in the game, and we have stronger late-stage heroes like Weaver and Dragon Knight. Therefore, we kept clam to wait LGD’s mistakes.

SCNTV: Okay, Last question is the most concerned question: Will IG keep raiding Roshan tonight with RSnakes?

IG.YYF: I think we will.

Source: SCNTV

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