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Hottest Dota 2 Cosplay in G-Star 2013 by Spiral Cats

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The Korean game Expo known as G-Star 2013 formally started on November 14 in Busan. Dota 2, published by Nexon in Korea and entered open beta officially on October 25, 2013, is one the hottest games in G-Star 2013(지스타 2013). Today we present you the fiery Dota 2 cosplay by Spiral Cats Team in Nexon booth. Thanks leeys2714 for the awesome pictures. You can see more interesting news in his Blog.

Page 2: Queen of Pain

Page 3: Windrunner

Page 4: Vengeful Spirit and Templar Assassin

Page 5: Dragon Knight and Rubick

Page 6: Crystal Maiden and Lina


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