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11 Tips for Boom Beach Newbies

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Boom Beach Tips

Here are some tips figured out by sympleton I found from reddit, hope these will be helpful for you.

  1. Your home base only has one sawmill but you'll find resource bases that you can conquer to acquire extra sawmills, quarries, etc.

  2. You can cut trees from the resource bases to save your home trees.

  3. When positioning your rocket launchers and mortars on your home base or a resource base, try to use trees to hide them.

  4. Resources bases can be attacked by other players. When you lose a resource base, it's defenses will usually be upgraded. The same can happen when you win it back. Resources bases can switch hands several times a day until they get upgraded beyond one of the players offensive skills.

  5. NEVER position your defensive structures right next to each other. Damage from battleship shelling dropped right between them will destroy them both.

  6. When you take over an enemy base, the village turns friendly and sends you gold that arrives by boat. Your resource bases send you lumber, etc. the same way. I think the supplies on those boats are safe from enemy attacks when you're offline since they're not in your storages yet.

  7. Friendly villages on your map can be taken over by AI (single player) enemies. You'll have to fight to get them back. Sometimes, new multiplayer battles that are available to you will show up as one of your friendlies being taken over by an enemy mercenary.

  8. I think your base is protected by an automatic shield every 20 hours or so. It keeps your holdings safe while you're playing. You'll start to get a warning in red that your protection is running out soon.

  9. When your shield is gone your home base and all your resource bases can be attacked at any time, even while you're playing. It's not a good idea to start changing the layout of a base when you're out of protection time. Once attacked, you're instantly kicked back to the loading screen and shown a countdown timer.

  10. Gems can be spent on anything. I try to spend them only on troops. At higher levels everything costs a lot more gems. If you use gems, never use the Instant button. You immediately get 1/3 off the gem cost if you pay it once the construction is started.

  11. When you attack a mercenary (multiplayer) base, scout it for rewards first. The base remains on your map until you conquer it and you want to save your attack until they're saving up for an upgrade.

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