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Finally Someone Hit Level 88 In Lineage, And He Spent 2 Years Doing That

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Lineage, NCsoft's legendary MMRPG released in 1998, is no longer available in North America. However, this game is still one of the most popular subscription-based MMO in Korea and major money making machine for NCsoft. The game's level cap is 90 at the moment, but nobody on the earth has managed to hit the max level yet. Recently a Korean gamer successfully reached level 88, and as the first player that can go this far, he spent 2 years' time doing that.

Report said that at high level, the XP you can get is extremely limited. Normally, you can get doubled XP at Level 1-29, and normal XP at 30-64. After level 65, the game becomes very difficult to level up: your XP gain is 50% of the normal gain at level 65-69, and 25% at level 70-74, and at 1/64 at level 80. After level 80, your XP gain is 50% less each time you level up, which makes the game ridiculously hard to level up.

Source: 17173.com


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