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World of Warcraft Movie Location Concept Art Revealed at BlizzCon 2013

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Members of World of Warcraft Movie team have revealed four pieces of location concept arts at Blizzcon 2013. They are endeavoring to make the environment in movie detailed and real. Recognized them?

Here are more details about the movie presentation:

  • Duncan Jones has played the Warcraft games, World of Warcraft, and even Lost Vikings. He originally played Ultima Online.
  • The Special Effects supervisor plays World of Warcraft and is level 90.
  • Marketing hasn't started yet, so there isn't a ton to reveal yet.
  • Jones liked the script, but it was very Alliance centric. He thought it would be better to make it about both sides and the original Warcraft.
  • Jones turned down other films because he was really passionate about working on Warcraft.
  • While working on Golden Compass, the special effects supervisor got up at 2 in the morning to do runs with his guild.
  • Real actors will be used for the Orcs.
  • Avatar meets Game of Thrones as far as complexity of visual effects with live action, advanced special effects, and motion capture on set.
  • There is a lot of Warcraft lore, so they had to pick a certain amount of the lore for this movie.
  • The team has to figure out which characters to shine the spotlight on.
  • There is concept art for Draenor, Dalaran, Ironforge, Stormwind.
  • Making environments for the game has a lot of restrictions, but in the movie you can expand on the environment with less restriction and make it more grand / cinematic.
  • Many locations in the film will be on built sets, like the Lion's Pride Inn.
  • The most famous character in World of Warcraft is the actual world itself.
  • Wardrobe and Costume design is being done by someone that has worked on Avatar.
  • The team is looking at details as small as the bark on the trees in Elwynn Forest.
    People who don't know the world and people who are hardcore players will both enjoy the film.


In the picture, from left to right: Director Duncan Jones, Chief Creative Officer Rob Pardo, VP of Creative Development Chris Metzen, VFX Director Bill Westenhofer and VP of Cinematics Nick Carpenter


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