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Super Junior Cosplay LOL Champions to Be Against Online Game as Addiction Bill

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On Nov. 6, South Korean popstar Super Junior cosplayed for their 8th anniversary. What is noteworthy for gamers is that two of them cosplayed League of Legends's Lee Sin and Ahri.

Heechul posted on his Instagram, "Happy 8th debut anniversary to Super Junior. Both ELF (fan club) and we did a great job until now. Since I'm not going to England and Mexico, I'm just showing you my airport fashion and leaving," along with a picture.

He also said, "Lee Sin from LOL that girls don't know that well," arousing laughter.

Recently, South Korean government set to label online gaming as an addiction, together with drugs, alcohol and gambling. This caused a big stir in south korea gaming industry. Super Junior members stated that they objected to this bill by this indirect way.

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