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Rumor: New Race of the Next Expansion of World of Warcraft Leaked!

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New race of WoW expansion

A large number of players are looking forward to the next expansion of World of Warcraft, and seems that they don't have to wait until Blizzcon to get the details of the upcoming expansion. Today, someone leaked online a screenshot seemingly looks like the overview of the new WoW's expansion.

Ethereal, New Race of WoW 6.0

Showing the Logo of Warlords of Draenor we reported a few days ago, the introduction material of the new expansion features new level cap that goes up to 100, 2 new races Mo'arg for the Horde and Ethereal for the Alliance, new class Demon Hunter, new features sand powder and curciality – instant 85. In addition, new PvE systems and PvP system might also be included. It is worth mentioning that the new expansion of WoW will be available on December 2014, which will be a year later.

Warlords of Draeno

Available december 2014

If the next expansion of WoW is set to launch on December 2014, that means players need to go on playing Patch 5.4 for over 13 months. (Greg Street said Patch 5.4 is the last update of Mists of Pandaria)  

WoW expansion level 90 to 100

Level 90 to 100

It is not out of our surprise. You can see from some weapons dropped by Hellscream in the Siege of Orgrimmar, that Hellscream's Decapitator requires level 90 to 100 to use.

New Race: Mo'arg for the Horde

New Race: Mo'arg for the Horde

The mo'arg is a brutish and exceedingly brilliant demonic species within the ranks of the Burning Legion. Many mo'arg are tinkerers, scientists, blacksmiths, and engineers that have "improved" their own bodies with bionic parts.


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