October of Harvest: 4 New Korean MMOs Started Beta Test Together

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It is a fruitful October for Korean players. Four new Korean MMOs entered closed beta almost at the same time, which must have made it a difficult choice to decide which one to play. We are going to introduce some details about these four new MMOs and you may figure out which one is worth anticipating here.

Archlord II

Developer: Webzen
OBT Date in Korea: October 17

Introduction: Archlord II is a middle age fantasy MMORPG. It features hardcore PvP combat between two different factions, sieges, over 40 large-scale battle maps and more.

Rating: ★★★

Recommended Reasons:
1. The sequel of Archlord
2. Vibrant in-game graphics
3. There are no classes in the game. Players will be able to master all kinds of weapons and fast switch between them at any point during battle. Weapons decide available skills.

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