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PWE Shares More Details About Neverwinter's Upcoming Hunter Ranger Class

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Neverwinter Hunter Ranger

Neverwinter’s Module 2: Shadowmantle update will come out later this year and you will be able to choose a whole new class Hunter Ranger. Hunter Ranger is agile, focused, fast and deadly, and it can take down
enemy from afar, or go toe-to-toe with enemy in close combat. PWE just made an in-depth preview to the new class that might be an essential role in your dungeon party in the future.

There are some powerful powers that you would like to check out when Shadowmantle goes live, and some of them might be perfectly fit your playstyle while some could be useful for your survival.

Neverwinter Hunter Ranger

Ranged At-Will Powers

Rapid Shot – A reliable At-Will power to fire a flurry of arrows at your target.
Aimed Shot – A precise and deadly shot into the heart of your enemy.

Melee At-Will Powers – Press Tab to engage your enemies up close with melee attacks.

Rapid Strike – Strike your targets at close range.

Aimed Strike – Strike your foes in a vital spot and cause significant bleed damage.

Ranged Encounter Powers

Marauder's Escape – Dash backward to escape an incoming attack.

Thorn Ward – Summon a thorn ward to attack your enemies and lower their defenses.

Hawk Shot – Fire an arrow at your opponent, dealing extra damage based on their distance from you.

Fox's Cunning – You and a nearby ally dodge the next incoming attack.

Melee Encounter Powers

Marauder's Rush – Rush towards your target, striking at them fiercely.

Thorn Strike – Strike your opponent with thorny vines, dealing additional damage based on how full their health is.

Hawkeye – With increased precision, your next attack deals additional damage.

Fox Shift – Dash to nearby targets, slowing their run speed while increasing your own.

Daily Powers and Class Features

In addition to essential Hunter Ranger powers, players will have the option to further specialize their builds and skill selections by determining which Daily Power and Class Feature is the most vital for their character.


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