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D.ACE Regular Meeting: Clubs can Choose Tournaments When Meet Time Conflict

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All the D.ACE teams attended a meeting including their newest teams, Hearts Get Together and TongFu's second team. In other words, it means they both got stable sponsors.

All the best Chinese teams received an invitation to compete in the NEXON Invitational Super Match, but declined due to schedule conflict. After many discussions, TongFu decided to take part in NISM with their third team which includes Yaphets, LongDD, Kabu, SYDM and zExBinGo. In the meanwhile, DK manager expressed that their sponsor help them negotiate with NEXON and he didn’t contact by themselves. However, DK said they would go Korea for exhibition matches two monthes ago, and NEXON expressed that if only they attend the tournament, there will be appearance fee for them.

D2L confirmed their LAN final schedule spam January 7th to 10th. The principal of D.ACE tournament indicated that D2L LAN final, ECL final (early January) and G-league final (1.11-1.12) will conflict in time. Even worse, ECL and G-League both indicated that they would not change match time, and D.ACE had negotiated with D2L about the schedule, so they would not require D2L organizers to reschedule any more.

Let’s see the D.ACE schedule. We can find out only Oct 7th, 8th and 14th were no-game days, moreover only two days in November: Nov 18th and 19th. Many people in China complained about lack of games while now they criticize such many matches that they don’t have enough time to train.

There is an anecdote about IG in TI2: IG only lifted Champion Aegis for a moment, then Valve took it back, although IG has negotiated many time with Valve in order to make a replica by the data of Aegis. However, Valve refused. :( Isn't World Cup kept for four years?

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