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First Free Content Pack of Infinity Blade III To Be Unleashed This Thursday

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Infinity Blade III Soul Hunter Update

The first free content pack of Infinity Blade III called Soul Hunter is about to be unleashed this Thursday, October 31. Before the new content shows up, you have to wait a few more days patiently, and here's a teaser trailer of this time's update, make sure to check it out.

Update Content: Soul Hunter has Isa and Siris facing a new enemy known as Oslim the Deathless Bloodmage. He is sent to kill the two heroes, preventing them from uncovering the secrets of an ancient observatory. The update brings a brand-new Infinity weapon and two sets of armor for Siris and Isa. Users can also return to past quests with either character, allowing them to journey back to old areas and discover new ones. (via 148 Apps)

Besides, since the update is available on Halloween, players can grab themselves a special pumpkin helm.

AppStore Link: Infinity Blade III, $6.99


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