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'Puzzle & Dragons' X 'Batman' Collaboration Dungeon Now Opened

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Collaboration event of CAPCOM's blockbuster title Puzzle & Dragons and Warner bros' Batman started today, and will last until November 13 (JST).

Puzzle and Dragons X Batman

This time's collaboration dungeon is based on the latest title of Batman series -- 'Batman: Arkham Origins' and its sequel 'Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate'. The dungeon's boss is our familiar Joker, one of Batman's greatest enemies, and your final goal is to defeat him. There are four different levels of the dungeon provided (from 'medium' to 'hell'). In addition, you are able to meet Catwoman and Robin as well during the event.

Below are some character cards which you may get through the collaboration event.

Puzzle and Dragons X Batman

Puzzle and Dragons X Batman

Puzzle and Dragons X Batman

AppStore Link: Puzzle & Dragons, Free


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