Zelda-ish Action Adventure Game Ittle Dew Heading to iOS & Android This November

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Ittle Dew

Have you heard Ittle Dew? It is an action-adventure game inspired by The Legend of Zelda. Except it shares the same gameplay with Zelda, Ittle Dew also combines different fun elements, such as pushing boxes and solving puzzles.

Ittle Dew

"We've boiled down the classic adventure formula to just three items, designed to work together in more or less obvious ways. There are hundreds of ways to combine them so experimentation is key!" Ludosity, developer of Ittle Dew wrote on the game's official site.

A good news, Ittle Dew is heading to iOS and Android platform this November, I'll keep watching it and bring you the latest news.

Ittle Dew


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