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Zhou and xiao8 Interview in WPC-ACE League by SCNTV and iceiceice.

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SCNTV: This is the on stage interview with the captains of LGD.cn and TongFu. We also invited iceiceice to be our guest because I found him in the E-sport center by chance. Okay, first question for both captains: Are you satisfied with the 1:1 result?

LGD.cn.xiao8: I can count is as acceptable.
TongFu.Zhou: I can count is as acceptable. :(

SCNTV: After you watched both games, what do you want to ask them iceiceiceice?
DK.iceiceice: yep, I watched two games. Do you accept your performance?

TongFu.Zhou: Mediocre.
LGD.cn.xiao8: As long as we are happy.

DK.iceiceice: yes, happy is the most important part of the game.

SCNTV: Let me ask Zhou first: in game one, you picked a Panda (Brewmaster) system, and this is the first time Brewmaster was picked in game in the new patch. Do you guys train this hero before? and do you feel Brewmaster have captain mode potential?

TongFu.Zhou: yes, we trained this hero and it’s great, so we used today.

SCNTV: In game two, xiao8 chose a solo mid Veno. Veno used to be a supporter, but today you played as a mid solo. Do you think Veno will be more effect as a core?

LGD.cn.xiao8: I think the most important reason is pinning the opponents.

SCNTV: In both games, you guys bought many Midas. Do the LGD.int's games inspire you to do so?

LGD.cn.xiao8: Just as I said, Veno is mainly on pinning, so it will make the game a bit longer. If I have Midas, I can get items even though we lost team fights.

SCNTV: do you have any other questions,iceiceice?
DK.iceiceice: What is your height, xiao8?

LGD.cn.xiao8: 172cm.

DK.iceiceice: How about you Zhou-god?

TongFu.Zhou: I am little higher than xiao8.

DK.iceiceice: I am higher than both of you (complacent), and that’s all.

SCNTV: Okay, xiao8 and Zhou: please shake hands for a 1:1 result.


Source: SCNTV

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