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Warlords of Draenor 3rd World Boss Rukhmar Guide, Will Drop Solar Spirehaw Mount





Warlords of Draenor

Rukhmar is the third world boss of Warlords of Draenor that will begin spawning in Spires of Arak from this Tuesday. The most attractive thing of the Boss is that it will drop Solar Spirehawk mount as the reward. Like Drov and Tarlna, Rukhmar is not hard to defeat. Next, let’s take a look at the boss’ information and some combat strategies for it.


Warlords of Draenor

Level Type Spec Name
60 Mount   Solar Spirehawk
665 Finger   Callie's Charred Seal
665 Finger Melee Burning Beak Band
665 Finger Spell Spirit Firemender Seal
665 Finger Physical DPS Fire Eye Ring
665 Finger Spell DPS Signet of Burning Truths
665 Cloth Spell DPS Solarflame Legwraps
665 Cloth Spell DPS Featherflame Sandals
665 Leather   Down-Lined Leggings
665 Leather   Phoenix-Rider Boots
665 Mail   Leggings of Flowing Feathers
665 Mail   Talongrip Spurs
665 Plate   Phoenixfire Legplates
665 Plate   Wing-Forged Greatboots

Solar Spirehawk Mount Model Preview


Overview - Rukhmar harnesses the power of the sun to create fiery phoenix allies to attack players. When defeated, these allies crumble into Piles of Ash that can nevertheless be reignited by exposure to other phoenixes or to Rukhmar's power itself.
  • Damage Dealers -
    • Stay away from Piles of Ash, or the Blaze of Glory explosion caused if you are targeted by Blood Feathers will reignite them.
    • When Rukhmar takes to the air, Loose Quills fall on players at random.
    • Flee from Energized Phoenixes that are chasing you, and defeat other Phoenixes away from Piles of Ash to avoid reigniting the Piles with Blaze of Glory.
  • Healers -
    • Rukhmar's body is full of Solar Radiation.
    • Pierced Armor increases the damage that a tank takes from Sharp Beak.
    • Rukhmar's Solar Breath hits all players in front of her for significant damage.
  • Tanks -
    • Alternate tanking Rukhmar to allow the Pierce Armor effect of her Sharp Beak to fade.
    • Energized Phoenixes fixate on random players, but Depleted Phoenixes can be tanked normally.
    • Rukhmar's Solar Breath will damage all players in front of her.
Sharp Beak - The caster lunges forward with their beak, inflicting Physical damage to the target and piercing their armor.

Pierced Armor - The caster pierces the target's armor. Further Sharp Beak attacks made against the victim inflict 50% more damage.

Blood Feather - As Rukhmar takes damage, Blood Feathers are dislodged and fall to the ground. On impact, they explode in a Blaze of Glory and create a Fixated Phoenix.

Blaze of Glory - Inflicts 100,000 Fire damage to all enemies withing 5 yards of the impact. Any Piles of Ash in the area are ignited into phoenixes that will chase down a random player.

Loose Quills - Inflicts 80,000 Fire damage to all players within 8 yards.

Solar Breath - The caster exhales a cone of superheated gas, inflicting 60,000 Fire damage to all enemies within 45 yards in front of the caster.

Solar Radiation - Rukhmar's very presence burns his enemies. Players suffer 80,000 Fire damage every 15 sec.

  • Much like her fight in Skyreach, you will have to watch out for the Piles of Ash that the boss creates.
  • Avoid the Piles of Ash due to Blaze of Glory. This will reignite them if you are within 5 yards of a pile.
  • When the boss flies in the air, healers should be ready to heal the random raid damage from Loose Quills.
  • Throughout the fight, Blood Feather will cause Rukhmar to spawn phoenixes that fixate on players. Run away from the phoenix that is fixated on you.
  • Players should kill each others phoenixes away from the Piles of Ash so they do not reignite.
  • Tanks will need to tank swap due to Pierced Armor and Sharp Beak.
  • Energized Phoenixes fixate on random players, but Depleted Phoenixes can be tanked normally.
  • Tanks should face the boss away from the raid at all times due to Solar Breath.
  • Healers will need to keep on top of the constant raid damage from Solar Radiation






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