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Tinker Will be the New Class of WoW in Next Expansion?

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In the Forum of Battle.net a player posted a picture featuring icons of World of Warcraft class. It may imply the 12th class for the next expansion. The player said this picture came from an email sent by mistake.

I believe most icons are familiar to you. In the first line are the icons of class and below are their specializations. You can find a new gear icon in the last row. From the icon and the specialization icons we may guess that the new class could be Goblin Tinker or Tristana. And he new class is very likely wearing mails.

Tinker is neutral hero of War3 and a carry of Dota Games. He is famous with his intelligence and superb craft on machines. Among Tinker’s skill there is an AOE skill called Cluster Rockets. It is icon look extremely alike the 12th class. Another skill Engineering Upgrade also uses the gear icons. And since World of Warcraft has a history using characters from War3, it is reasonable for us to predict Tinker be our new class. Another possible beside Tinker could be Gunner like Tristana from League of Legends. She also use missile as skill icon.

And if you are careful enough you’ll notice that the old classes have little changes.  Though we don’t know what it is, we can infer from the icon that it could be earth shock or something. Is that mean Shaman could be tank in the future?  The fourth icon is drop of blood. Maybe will be Bloody Mage for the new expansion.

The source of this picture reminds unknown. And Blizzard didn’t give any response. We could never tell whether the content for the picture is reliable. But it do give us an association for the next expansion. What do you think?


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