Eyeful Posters for Blade & Soul Beta Test and Updates

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Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul will kick off new closed beta in China on October 29. However, on the other hand, no news about the western localization has arrived since last December.

Blade & Soul, which launched in South Korea in June 2012, brings the world of Asian martial arts fantasy to life. Armed with a distinctly unique style, including artistic action, high-quality graphics that perfectly depict its original hand-drawn illustrations, and stories that appeal to all ages and player types, it's set to reveal a new horizon in online gaming.

To comfort players who are anticipating Blade & Soul in western and people who love Blade & Soul art style, here I collect all the eyeful posters for Blade & Soul Korean Server Beta Tests and updates. Some of these posters are telling stories, some are for showing the characters. They are all well made and seductive. Enjoy them!

Blade & Soul


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