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qCraft: Google's Quantum AI Lab Brings Guantum Physics into Minecraft

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Google's Quantum AI Lab is trying to apply "games for learning". They interpreted quantum build protips into a mod of Minecraft, a sandbox game has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. qCraft is a mod that brings the principles of quantum physics to the world of Minecraft. Through playing qCraft, you can teach quantum physics to a 7-year-old.

"Collaborating with our friends at Google, MincraftEdu and IQIM to make qCraft was a fascinating exercise in finding the intersection of fun Minecraft gameplay and meaningful learning about quantum mechanics. As Dr. M describes in his blog post, our original design was focused more on finding ways to simulate how quantum computers work with things like CNOT gates and qubits. Simulations can be great learning tools, but they aren’t games, and while that design was interesting, it was hard to do the science justice (it turns out simulating a quantum computer with a classical computer is really hard) and the result was not quite as fun as we would have liked. It also didn’t take advantage of the things that can make games great learning tools. In particular, games let you dive in and experience worlds and identities that you never could in real life."


And here are Schrödinger’s Ocelot videos taking us go behind the scenes to explain how it works and share some quantum build ideas.

You can download qCraft here and qCraft's wiki here.


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