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Akke G1 Pre-final Interview: iG and DK are Hardest Opponents





G1 Champions League Interview

G-1 LAN Final is on the horizon and Alliance will compete with five best DOTA 2 teams in Shanghai, China soon on 21st May. We are glad to have Akke here to talk about the great performance of Alliance in Western Qualifier and his personally greatest rewards in eSports.

2Pcom: Hello Akke, we are very happy to have you for the interview. First of all, congratulations for topping the western qualifier and being one of the 6 teams that will be competing in the G1 League LAN Final. Go ahead and say hi to everyone.

Akke Akke: Ni hao everyone! Thanks, I'm really looking forward to come to China and play in G1. It's my first time in China and Shanghai so I'm really excited.

2Pcom: NTH and Na’Vi are the best and most popular Western teams among Chinese fans. However, Na’Vi failed to qualify here. Are you surprised about that?

Akke Akke: After TI2 Na'Vi hasn't really been themselves so actually I'm not that surprised. They have also just recently switched 2 of their players which of course affect their play. But I do believe we soon will see the old Na'Vi after they had some time to practice!

2Pcom: In retrospect, you guys are topping the western and leaving the rest of teams in the dust. What’s your opinion on this and your performance in Western Qualifier?

Akke Akke: We have had a really good run lately and I am very happy for that. We all see each other in the team as really good friends and we really enjoy playing with each other. I think that is one of the biggest reasons for our success along with that me and Loda have a lot of experience in the competitive scene and that EGM, AdmiralBulldog and s4 are big talents.

2Pcom: Na’Vi may plan to begin their Chinese training and tournament trip and how about Alliance? Do you think it is necessary to join the Chinese DOTA 2 Scene?

Akke Akke: Hard to tell! I guess we have to see how it goes for us at G-1 League finals. I believe we enter this tournament as underdogs after what happened at TI2 (where the Asian teams dominated) so it's going to be interesting to see if we have caught up or not.

2Pcom: Chinese fans are more familiar with NTH rather than Alliance. Can you shed a little light on the details of your sponsor? It is said that Alliance shares the same sponsor with EG.

Akke Akke: I'm sorry but I can't give more information then that Alliance has been supporting us since the middle of November last year. The sponsorship just got official a bit later so there is not going to be more name changes . We are from now on Alliance!

2Pcom: Loda is experienced in encountering Asian teams, but you didn’t perform well facing them dating back to TI2. When compete with Asian teams, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Alliance in your opinion?

Akke Akke: I think our advantage is that we can be a bit more versatile than the Chinese teams. On the other hand, the Chinese teams have perfected their playstyle so I think we just have to stay true to our own and just slightly adjust it when we play against them.

2Pcom: What are the two greatest threats to Alliance at the G-1 LAN finals? Why?

Akke Akke: I think IG and DK will be the hardest opponents. IG seems to be in the same shape as they were during TI2 - a very good shape :). Playstyle-wise I think DK will be hardest, it will kind of be a race of the carries who will get the most farm - Burning or Loda?

2Pcom: DOTA 2 has finally entered beta in China, with a great increase in the number of Chinese DOTA 2 players. What do you think about this in terms of influence on the growth of the DOTA 2 scene in general?

Akke Akke: I think it's great! Chinese players in general seem to be very talented so maybe we will see more new Chinese teams? ^^

2Pcom: Amongst Chinese players, the only ones who have been around as long as you are longDD and 357 so far, what have been the greatest rewards in eSports for you personally?

Akke Akke: I think the biggest reward is to meet all the fans and players when you go to LAN events. It's fun how you get to know so many people from the whole world and to experience so much. When people write and cheer for us, that is the biggest reward. Without that e-sports wouldn't be nearly as fun as it is.

Competitive-wise with winnings the biggest win was probably the ESWC tournament in Paris 2008 when we won with SK-Gaming. It was my first big win and I was super happy ^_^.

2Pcom: At last, any shoutout to your Chinese fans?

Akke Akke: Big thanks to the Chinese fans that support our team and shoutout to the people that have followed me since the beginning of DotA. Looking forward to meet you at G-1, make sure to come and say hi! :)

If you want to follow me you can do it on twitter @FollowAkke or on facebook

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