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Game-Related Animations Are Quite Popular In China

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Lu's Time

According to Tencent, the publisher of League of Legends in China, an animation called "撸时代" (Lu’s Time) which is based on League of Legends is now quite popular among Chinese LOL fans. The animation is created by "TA show Studio". It features LOL- related stories of a group of junior year college students.



With the rapid development of online games in China, there are more and more game spin-offs, especially in the form of animation. 3D mini animation series “Lalala Demacia” is another example. It revolves around funny stories of different champions in LOL. It has 2 seasons and 20 episodes. The Director "Sararer"said they got all inspirations from their daily gaming life of playing LOL.



Moreover, the most famous WoW spinoff animation "I'm MT" has 5 seasons and 66 episodes. Even the spinoff of "I'm MT" – "I'm MT Online" a card game for mobile devices is also quite popular. It has been downloaded for more than 210 million times until June 18th, 2013.



The mobile card game:


Seems that game-related mini animations are highly accepted by Chinese market, but whether the “Lu’s Time” can be as successful as “My name is MT” or "Lalala Demacia", players have the final word. 


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