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Budget Deck for Shaman

By Caius on 0 0

Hi guys, this time I would like to share my Shaman budget deck for you. My idea of playing Shaman is building a control Deck. First of all bring some cards which can damage opponent characters like AOE, single damage or weapons.

I take Rockbiter Weaponx2, Stormforged Axex2,Hex x2, Forked Lightningx2 and Lightning Bolt x2. Since most of Shaman’s cards have overload effect so I take Unbound Elemental and also a Ironbeak Owl with silence.

Second is some low mana cost cards with card drawing and spell power improvement. Or some defend minions like Taunt.

For card drawing, Novice Engineer is very particle because costs only 2 mana crystals which works well in turn 2. Beside, Gadgetzan Auctioneer and Azure Drake are also good for replenish hands. For defender, I took Youthful Brewmaster and Defender of Argus.

At last, we need some big minions with high damage and health.

For late game, I chose Stormwind Champion (who will give +1/+1 for all other minions) and Fire Elemental ( who often trade for 2 opponent minions with his battery spell: deal 3 damage ).

Below is my deck:

1 Mana Cost
Forked LightningX2
Lightning BoltX1
Rockbiter WeaponX2
2 Mana Cost
Stormforged AxeX2
Ironbeak OwlX1
Novice EngineerX2 Youthful BrewmasterX2
3 Mana Cost
Feral SpiritX1
Lightning StormX2
Mana Tide TotemX2
Unbound ElementalX2
4 Mana Cost
Defender of ArgusX2
Sen'jin ShieldmastaX2
5 Mana Cost
Azure DrakeX2
Gadgetzan AuctioneerX1
6 Mana Cost
Fire ElementalX1
7 Mana Cost
Stormwind ChampionX1



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