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Today, Aura Kingdom updated a new Chronicles of Azuria posts for all fans to enjoy! Check out the newest entries "The Ravager's Ride".

Perched atop the moving carriage, great axe balanced carefully across his lap, Linus had lots of time to think in peace. He was not a big fan of that. While not an especially violent person by nature (despite his reputation as one of the world's most skilled Ravagers), he found prolonged periods of inaction quite uncomfortable.

Still, protecting the carriage and its cargo was the job he had accepted, and he made no complaints. It had been decades since a serious threat had befallen the realm, and Envoys of Gaia these days were used to relatively minor tasks. Linus had no desire to see his home in danger, but he also could not help hoping for a chance to one day make a real difference.

A cry from below snapped him out of his reverie. He quickly scanned the area—a tree had been felled in the middle of the road to block the carriage's path, and a pack of five Makar had emerged from the brush off to the side. They hadn't noticed him yet, and Linus stayed low as they approached to keep that advantage for as long as possible. He heard the sound of a child crying from below.

The attackers snarled, shaking their shaggy manes and brandishing gnarled clubs. One of them reached into the carriage and hurled a frightened man to the ground. Makar usually went straight for the supplies and didn't harm anyone unless they got in the way, but these seemed to be a particularly nasty bunch. As they converged on the helpless man and the child's wailing grew louder, Linus sprang into action.

Landing just behind the nearest attacker, Linus brought up the butt of his axe and swatted him aside with a powerful swipe. The others whipped around with startled growls as their companion crashed to the ground. Linus leapt backward, drawing them away from the man and into open ground—ideal terrain for a Ravager to do what he does best.

Holding his ground, he waited for the beast-men to make the next move. They slowly encircled him, believing they now held the upper hand. Several tense heartbeats passed as Linus eyed each of his enemies. Finally, one of them charged forward and all at once they recklessly swung their clubs at him. They only caught empty air, however, as Linus deftly launched upward and hefted his axe over his head, crashing down upon them with the force of an earthquake.

The next few moments were a whirlwind of glinting steel, splintered wood, and tufts of fur as Linus spun and twirled his axe as if it were an extension of himself. In that brief time his mind was clear and his focus pure, unburdened by any thoughts other than the battle at hand. Then the deadly dance ended as suddenly as it had begun, and its performer stood alone amongst his motionless opponents.

The first beast-man dizzily got to his feet and took stock of the scene before him; one glance at his fallen companions was enough to send him bolting back to the trees. With the survivor sure to spread the word of the encounter, Linus felt satisfied that the route would be safe—for a few weeks, at least.

The other man had already recovered and rushed back to the carriage, embracing a very relieved little girl. As Linus lifted himself back up to the top of the carriage, his eyes briefly met the child's. Though it was still wet with tears, he could see the elation clearly in her face. With a quick nod and the slightest of smiles, he resumed his vigil above.

But this time he was at peace, for although it had only been a minor battle, at least for today he felt like he had made all the difference in the world.





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