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Bloodlust Style! Swarm Your Totems Shaman!






Ancestral Healing
Totemic Might
Frost Shock
Forked Lightning
Earth Shock
Rockbiter Weapon
Lightning Bolt
Srearing Totem
Dust Devil
Goldshire Footman
Stormforged Axe
Ancestral Spirit
Novice Engineer
Flametongue Totem*2
Mana Addict
Hex* 2
Questing Adventurer
Sen'jin Shieldmasta
Gadgetzan Auctioneer
Fire Elemental*2
Lord of the Arena


This deck is written for newbies who have no legendary or epic cards. It features massive spell power, cheap cost, flexible combination and burst AOE. Without further wait, details are below.

Since Shamans are good at field control with removal and crowd control spells such as Lightning Storm and Hex, this deck could make good use of his ability and cheap cost help you drop cards smoothly. Shamans can also play very strong spell and minion cards with Overload for very little mana at the cost of losing available mana in the subsequent turn, that is the reason I add Mana Addict and Gadgetzan Auctioneer in.

In the early, I usually play his hero power to sum a random totem. Although it has no any attack, Bloodlust could make it into a big problem for my opponent if my opponents carelessly leave too many totems on the board. What’s more his totems have many skills like heals, attack, taunts, and I can save my core cards in my hand waiting for a right time to drop.

Forked Lightning could help me clean the board well in the early preventing my hero and totems from any damage. Some cheap cards like Rockbiter Weapon, Lightning Bolt could offer me effective removal. If I could control the board well, it is right for me to place Flametongue Totem between two adjacent totems, making them benefit from its buff.

I want to explain that not every cheap card is suitable for the early; they are only played when needed. Frost Shock is a good example; I usually apply it on some fatties and wait for a right time to remove.

In the mid I would have more choices. If you save enough cards in hand, play Questing Adventurer first making it benefit from cards you play. If you control the board well, don’t hesitate to drop Bloodlust (if you get coin, you can drop it in T4) which would make a tide pressure for your opponent. Since I have two, and I can save the other for the later. But not everyone is lucky enough to draw what they want. Questing Adventurer could help you remit much damage from your opponent while protecting totems from being removed. Windspeaker is another choice for alternative in the mid while I would save two for the later. If you are too unlucky to miss every card you want, I just say you can call GG.

If you can survive to T7 or later, victory will go toward your way. Fire Elemental and Lord of the Arena could deal huge damage to your opponents and core cards like Bloodlust, Windspeaker and Doomhammer help you reach game point.

AOE and removal would not be a big problem for this deck, since Shaman could sum a random totem in each round. I take two Hexes in my deck to prevent some fatties being dropped. After T5 you should swarm totems on the board if you could control the board well and drop Bloodlust in a right time to finish this match. Mana Addict and Questing Adventurer could help you get through the early, if possible, they force your opponents drop some silence.

There are not all-powerful decks in Hearthstone. Strategies, tricks and combo are core ideas for most decks. I try this deck in Arena and got 7 wins, but I could not say it is suitable for everyone. It is written as a modest spur to induce someone to come forward with his valuable contributions.

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