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Neverwinter Special PvP Strategy for Devoted Cleric

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Last week I made a basic guide for PvP Domination of Neverwinter, and today I would like to introduce you a special strategy for ranged classes especially for Devoted Cleric. And this guide only applies to the Hotenow Domination. I am so exciting when I found that I can fight like this and can’t wait to share it with you.
Ok you must notice that in the map of Hotenow Domination, there are two columns standing at each side of the midpoint. It is a good place for ranged classes to hide, attack and heal. I don’t know whether control wizard’s range is long enough. But it is perfect for Devoted Cleric.


In a shot, this strategy is a very utility PvP strategy for Devoted Clerics for it can protect you from smites of Melee classes and gives you a better view of the situation. Also it is better for you to judge whether should you heal or attack and heal which teammate first.

Better Vision

Standing on the column will give you a larger view of both your home point and the battlefield of midpoints. So you’ll know if anybody tries to sneak attack your home. Check the picture above.

Skill casting

I have to admire the cast range of Devoted Cleric’s skill. Standing on the top of column will not block Devoted Cleric cast skills at all. Instead, they can cast healing skills like Soothing Lighter and Healing word. Aslo attacking skills like Searing Light, Punishing Lighter, and Astral Seal and Lance of Faith are available too. And even the daily skill Flame Strike can function well.


It is not only a good place for sniping but also a place for hiding. Melee classes could never reach you from the ground. And if they want to come to you, they’ll lose the point and leave their home point unprotected. Still you can jump to ground once you feel it is dangerous. And if you are attacked by the ranged skill, just step back a bit and their attack will fail.

How to get there?

It is quite simple to get there. If you start from your spawn area, then just run though your home point and you’ll see a path lead to the bridge above the midpoint. Adjust you view you’ll find the top of the column. Jump.


You can use this strategy like this. First dominate your home point then run to the column directly. Check if there are any teammates at lower health, heal him. Then help attack the enemy of poor healthy. Cast Flame Strike timely.

This is my strategy. If you have any ideas, different opinions or resource about PvP Domination, please do not hesitate to leave a comment. 

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